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2024 Exploring Guizhou · Emerald Suiyang Asia’s No. 1 Changdong Shuanghe Dongshan Mountain Crossing Challenge Challenge

On March 24th, 2024 Exploring Guizhou · Emerald Suiyang Asia’s No. 1 Changhe Donghe Crossing Challenge was held in Shuanghe Cave Scenic Area behind Suiyang Twelve.205 contestants from all over the country ran to run with the warmth of the spring breeze and warm the sun, and felt the unique charm of Suiyang.

1. The game scene.

The game scene.

The challenge event of Dongxianshan is hosted by the Guizhou Provincial Sports Bureau, hosted by Zunyi Education and Sports Bureau, Suiyang County People’s Government, Suiyang County Education and Sports Bureau, Suiyang County Cultural Tourism Bureau, Suiyang County Hot Spring Town People’s Government, Guizhou, GuizhouCo -organized by Qingxi Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd..

At 10:30 am that day, as the whistle sounded, the contestants rushed out of the starting line with a passionate mental state.Competition with passion.

2. The game scene.

The game scene.

Suiyang County uses the Quality Karst geological landscape of Shuanghe Cave Scenic Area behind the twelve as the background, combining natural scenery with sports, using highways, rural small roads, and caves to create mountain cross -country lines.The competition is divided into two major groups: 21km elite challenge group and 5km mass experience group. The men’s, women’s elite groups, men, and women’s public groups are set up.

Along the way, the contestants need to pass the roads, caves, boardwalks and other roads to cross plaster caves, Tiankeng boardwalks, Shuanghe water caves, underground cracks, Panshan Highway, Shanlin Cave and other scenic spots, and measure the original and mystery behind the twelve feet.Chimei’s Karst landform and passion movement are organically integrated, and the novel and unique way to “play in the game and play in the game” adds a lot of interest to the mountain crossing the challenge.

3. The game scene.

The game scene.

“This is the first time I have run in the cave. I feel very cool when I come in, the scenery is particularly beautiful, and I am full of experience. I strongly recommend that you also come to Suiyang’s Shuanghe Cave to experience the feeling of running in the cave!” FromChen Xuemei, running enthusiasts in Sichuan, said with emotion.

Compared with the Volkswagen Experience Group, the elite challenge group is more difficult.The track is equipped with obstacles such as uphill, downhill, and continuous curve. You must pass underground cracks, Panshan Highway, Guihua Village, Shanlin Cave, Gypsum Cave, Tiankeng Place Road Road, Shuanghe Water Cave, Water Cave Plaza and other points.The sections of nearly 10 kilometers are in the cave, which brings more novel experiences to the contestants.

4. The game scene.Then, then

The game scene.

“I have heard of the name of the first long hole in Asia before. This time I came to feel the cave running. I feel that the mountains here are very challenging, and the route of running is difficult.But there is a good feeling that the scenery is accompanied by the scenery on the way. I enjoy today’s competition. “Wang Zhihu, the first winner of the men’s group of the 21km elite challenge group, said that the beautiful scenery on the way of the mountain crossing the challenge gave him a deep impression.Later, I will continue to visit and play here to experience the beauty of Suiyang’s mountains and rivers in depth.

5. Awards scene

Award site.

Twelve tourist landscapes inlaid between the twelve -twelve rooms in the green mountains and green waters have a unique ecological environment and rich and diverse tourism resources.The average temperature of the year is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius, the forest coverage rate is more than 80%, and the highest oxygen ion content can reach 400,000 per cubic centimeter.At present, the scenic area has become a tourism complex with three theme IPs with sports tourism, research travel, and tourism vacation.He has won the National Sports Tourism Demonstration Base, the short -term visits to the Chinese self -driving tour route, the “Top Ten Popular Sports Tourism Boutique Line” in Guizhou Province, the 2020IMTA (International Mountain Tourism Alliance) Best Mountain Tourism Outdoor Sports Award, Guizhou Sports Tourism Demonstration Demonstration DemonstrationA number of awards such as bases.In addition, the scenic area is also one of the national primary and middle school students’ research practice education bases, the first batch of natural education bases in Guizhou Province, and one of the top ten research travel demonstration bases in Guizhou.