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2024 World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference is about to be held

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 26 (Reporter Liu Mengqi) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Education that the 2024 World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference will be held in Tianjin in late July.The conference was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, the National Committee of the Chinese Education Organization and the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government.The following is referred to as “Vocational Education Exhibition”).
The theme of the Vocational Education Exhibition is “Chinese Craftsmanship · World Stage”, and will set up three major exhibition areas of the host country, the main country, and vocational education results.Hosted the national exhibition area to display the results of the high -quality development of vocational education in China, highlighting the culture of the great power; the main guest National exhibition area showed the development trend and characteristics of the world vocational education, and promoted the exchange of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.The results of cutting -edge applications, international cooperation and exchange of vocational education.
The conference will build a platform, gather resources, exchanges and mutual learning through the overall architecture of the “Meeting-League-Award-Sai-Exhibition”, and create five major international public products of vocational education.
It is understood that the first World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference was successfully held in Tianjin from August 19th to 20th, 2022. More than 700 domestic and foreign representatives from 123 countries and regions and 17 international organizations participated in the conference.
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