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Ambush Deep Royal: Nike Dunk High’s New Revolution

The Collaboration

The No Burden Ambush Deep Royal is the result of a collaboration between Nike and Ambush, a Japanese street fashion label. This is the third colorway from Ambush creator, Yoon Ahn’s collaboration on the Nike Dunk High.

The Inspiration

Inspired by Japanese bike culture, this sneaker features an extreme oversized swoosh and higher ankle collars. The design exhibits unfamiliar, almost oversized shapes near the ankle and heel.

The Colorway

The overlays in a “Deep Royal Blue” shade populate the design. This is the third and perhaps the best colorway of this model to release so far.

Ambush Deep Royal: Nike Dunk High’s New Revolution

The Release

Staggered across two release dates, the dunks dropped in SA as part of the first release alongside Japan, with a North American release expected on June 15th.

The Review

In a review video by Josh Dominic, he talks about the quality of this sneaker and also gives some Nike Ambush Dunk High deep royal resell predictions.


It’s a statement piece that combines fashion, culture, and sports in one. The No Burden Ambush Deep Royal is more than just a sneaker. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or just someone who appreciates good design, this is one shoe you won’t want to miss.


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