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Anna Reeves, senior vice president of Weili, visited China, deepened cooperation and listened to the voice of Chinese scientific research groups

From March 4th to 7th, Ms. Anna Reeves, senior vice president of Wiley visited China, and visited a number of Chinese academic institutions during this period to conduct a number of symposiums with Chinese scholars, aiming to deepen Wei Li and Chinese scientific research academic academicsThe cooperation in the world understands the voices and needs of Chinese scientific research groups more deeply.

Ms. Anna Reeves visited China this time and was warmly welcomed by the Chinese academic community.She has visited well -known universities, academic institutions and media such as China Institute of Science and Technology Information, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, China University Education Foundation, and China Science News Agency, and conducted in -depth exchanges with the leaders and scientific researchers of institutions.

During the visit, Ms. ANNA Reeves and Chinese academic institutions were discussed extensively on how to strengthen cooperation between the two parties, promote the construction of world -class journals, promote the output and publication of high -quality scientific research results, and promote the international communication of Chinese scientific research.She said that Weili has cultivated China for more than forty years and attached great importance to the development of Chinese scientific research groups. She hopes to establish a closer cooperative relationship with the Chinese academic community and be committed to helping Chinese scientific research groups to promote their academic research worldwide.It is hoped that the Chinese scientific research group will deepen the awareness of the Weili brand.

In addition to the exchange with academic institutions, Ms. ANNA Reeves also held two seminars with Chinese authors, inviting well -known scholars from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and other institutions.At these seminars, she and Chinese authors discussed in depth on the topics of academic communication and promotion, the internationalization of Chinese academic journals, and the latest developments in the international academic community, and listened to the voice and needs of Chinese authors.After the meeting, Ms. ANNA Reeves also awarded the author’s award for Chinese scholars.

Ms. Anna Reeves said that through this visit, she learned more deeply about the needs of Chinese scientific research groups.She believes that Chinese researchers have achieved remarkable results in many disciplines and have high innovation capabilities and research levels.Through this visit, she deeply felt the continuous improvement of China’s scientific research strength, and was full of expectations for the future cooperation between the two parties.Weili will further strengthen cooperation with Chinese academic circles, provide more academic exchanges and publishing opportunities for Chinese scientific researchers, and promote the rapid development of Chinese scientific research.

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