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Brokers speed up the construction of a first -class investment bank

  Recently, the CSRC issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Securities Companies and Public Fund to accelerate the construction of first -class investment banks and investment institutions (trials) (Trial) (referred to as” Opinions “), which clarifies the path of building first -class investment banks and investment institutions.From the perspective of many securities firms, the “Opinions” put forward higher development requirements for the securities industry. In the future, it will continue to improve its professional service capabilities, promote the high -quality development of the capital market, and improve the quality of financial services.

  Exciocate clear route map

  The “Opinions” mentioned that after about 5 years, we will promote the formation of about 10 high -quality head institutions to lead the industry’s high -quality development; by 2035, 2 to 3 investment banks with international competitiveness and market leadership will be formed.And investment institutions; By the middle of this century, it has formed a leading modern securities fund industry with comprehensive strength and international influence, providing strong support for the construction of Chinese -style modernization and the construction of a strong financial country.

  ”The above opinions drawn the industry’s medium and long -term development goals, and give a clear roadmap from correction positioning, functional play, business philosophy, development model, corporate governance, compliance risk control, and industry ecology.”Huatai United Securities believes that this is the earnest expectations of market institutions and further requirements for head investment banks, and also pointed out the direction to strengthen its own construction and improve the quality of development.

  Yang Huahui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Xingye Securities, said that the Central Financial Work Conference first mentioned the “cultivating first -class investment banks and investment institutions” for the first time.The road of development, continuously improve the modern company’s governance system, improve professional capabilities, strengthen compliance control, enhance international competitiveness, build an excellent talent team, practice social responsibility, cultivate corporate culture, and effectively strengthen the institution’s own health and sustainable development.Essence

  The requirements for the Central Financial Work Conference on the Table of the Table of Tables to cultivate first -class investment banks. Haitong Securities believes that securities companies should correct their business philosophy, correct the positioning of positioning, put functionality in the primary position, pay more attention to the long -term returns of customers, and effectively fulfill their obligations of faith.Investment banks will take the responsibility of serving the high -quality development of the real economy and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors, and strengthen the core capabilities of project screening and valuation pricing.At the same time, the company’s company is resolutely blocked outside the market.

  Improve your professional service ability

  The Matthew effect of the securities industry is a general trend under the guidance of supervision. The centralization of the industry’s head will continue to evolve. Each brokerage company is also seizing the opportunities for high -quality economic development to improve its professional service capabilities and industry competitiveness.

  In recent years, Xingye Securities has clarified the strategic goal of “building a first -class securities and financial group”, and accelerated and strongly improved around this goal.Ensure that its own financial services are deeply integrated with the practical demand of enterprises and the masses, continue to improve the ability of financial and social development, and comprehensively consolidate the foundation foundation of service financial power.

  As a large -scale securities company that is “faith and dare to take responsibility”, the direct management of the Central Huijin, Shen Wanhongyuan Securities has always adhered to the concept of investor -oriented, and continuously implemented the political and political work of financial work from business philosophy, organizational structure, and assessment incentive mechanism.The people’s requirements use the sense of obtaining investors as one of the important goals of the company.

  ”The company will continuously improve the professional service capabilities, consolidate the foundation of regulations for control, improve the financial culture with Chinese characteristics, better help and maintain the stable and healthy development of the capital market, and accelerate the construction of investors -based modern capital market systems.”Shen Wanhongyuan Securities further emphasized.

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