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Caoxian Food Ranking of the Universe Center

(1) Caoxian fire

Recently, the fire of Cao County, Heze, Shandong, what is 666 in Heze Cao County, I love your baby or something, and even a certain station, and even “I would like to have a bed in Cao County, do not want a house in Shanghai.”Do you really know Cao County?

Cao County: In ancient times, Bei Bo and Caozhou.He is affiliated with Heze, the capital of Chinese peony, is located in the southwestern part of Shandong Province. It is located at the junction of eight counties in the two provinces of Luyu, covering an area of 1966 square kilometers, a cultivated land of 1.97 million mu.Economic Development Zone, 1186 administrative villages (residential), with a total population of 1.5 million, with 22 ethnic groups, including 34,000 ethnic minorities.Among the many industries, the most developed and most watched is the coffin industry. Caoxian enterprises almost monopolize the Japanese coffin market.According to the data provided by the Cao County Forestry Bureau, the coffin exported by Cao County to Japan accounted for 90%of the total sales of Japan. The export volume of Caoxian’s coffin, tablets, and Buddhist clothing was first in the country.

(2) Let’s taste Cao County’s food

1. Cao County roasted beef

“Cao County Roasted Beef” is a well -known Caozhou name. The beef is rosy and bright, the meat is tender, and the food is not greasy. The hot food can be cut into pieces.At the end of the Song Dynasty.

  ”Cao County Roasted Beef” preferred the southwest of Lushe as the raw material. Due to strict selection of meat, many craftsmanship, diverse seasonings, and fine production, the process of outsiders in the process and process of outsiders also smells.Essence”Cao County Roasted Beef” is mostly halal food. Dongguan Michea is particularly good at this skills.The sign of the “Cao County Authentic Mijia Beef Beef” was issued, and it was designated as a famous Shandong.

  At the time of production, the age of 3-4 years old is a strong ox, and after being slaughtered by the Aya of the mosque, the material began to choose. Each cattle can only use the “tendon leg core” of four legs as the material (usually a cow can take six or seven or seven.Ten pounds).Take off the tendons, skin, fat, etc., cut into a piece of about half a catty, and add condiments to the large cylinder and marinate for three or five days (depending on seasonal changes and temperature). This process is very important.The marinated beef and more than ten kinds of precious Chinese medicine are cooked in the pot.

  The practice of beef in the field is generally steamed, cooked, raised, and stewed. Most of the gravi beef and sauce beef are mostly, but “Cao County roasted beef” is different. After more than ten processes, the key last level is “fried fried”” “.The method is very novel. When the oil temperature is high, the oil is scorched, and the oil is cool. When the oil is put on a small grinding sesame oil, it will be cooked to five or six, and the cooked beef is slowly fried and removed.Red brown, cut into thin slices in the dish when eating, you can go to the seat without adding any condolences.However, hot beef should not be sliced. When you eat it, you can cut it into the sesame cake. It tastes no less than the Western “Pizza Cake”. It tastes unique and has long fragrance.”Cao County roasted beef” is just as the character of Shandong people -in fact, there are one pound of two or three pieces, which will never contain water.The fried beef should be stored, especially in the autumn and winter season. It will not affect the quality at room temperature for a few days. It can be used as a fashion gift for relatives and friends and banquets.

  From the perspective of health care, beef has the function of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, and strengthening the muscles.Beef tastes sweet and warm, and is rich in protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B1, B2. The protein contains a lot of amino acids and high nutritional value.Beef contains high fat, so people with high cholesterol are cautious.

2. Looking at the white lotus root

Caoxian Wanglu Ji Bailian root has a history of more than 2,000 years.Legend has it that during the Spring and Autumn Period, Princess Lu was married to the Song State, and often thought of the old country and depressed all day.Song State is to explain the feelings of nostalgia, which is convenient for Lu and Song to build a high platform, so that the princess is coming to the founding country.Later, the princess returned to Lu Kingdom to bring white lotus root seedlings and planted it in the pits of the building.

   The color of the white lotus root in Wanglu, Cao County, is slightly transparent in white, and the texture is delicate and crispy.Among them, the white lotus root that grows on the edge of the pit is the top grade. The color is pale green, called “stuffy green”, which is sweet and crispy.In the old days, Wanglu collected white lotus root as rare things. Whenever winter, people wrapped fresh lotus root tightly with big red cloth strips and sold them to Xuzhou, Bengbu, Nanjing, Shanghai, Kaifeng and other places.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the production of Wanglu’s white lotus root has developed, and the annual output is more than 10,000 kilograms. There are more crickets than in the past, but the heart of people still does not reduce the original.

3. Caozhou Geng Cake

It is made of mirror persimmon, the frost is thick, the flesh is soft, the color is orange yellow, and the transparent and nuclear is not nuclear. It is one of the special products of Shandong Caozhou Geng Cake on both sides of Zhao Wanghe, Heze City.Everyone’s love.

  According to historical records, the history of Heze’s planting persimmon trees began in the Qin and Han dynasties, and he was in the Qin and Han dynasties, and he was in the Tang Dynasty, Song, Ming, and Qing.Nearly 50,000 plants were planted in the history of Caozhou persimmon.Whenever the golden autumn, the persimmon forest is covered with golden fruits, and the persimmon leaves are gradually reddish. Looking far away, the flames of burning are comparable to maple leaves and become a scenery of Caozhou.

  Geng Cake is made from the persimmons produced by Caozhou as the raw material, which is processed by more than ten traditional processes.Persimmon trees have fewer pests and fewer medications. When processing Geng Cake, the peel is spin off, so Geng Cake is a natural green food.Geng Cake Self -raw white frost, a large nuclear, soft meat, orange yellow transparent, delicate and soft taste, rich nutrition, has the effects of clearing heat and lowering fire, cooling blood, lungs, and sputum.The symptoms of sore tongue have significant effects.

  Caozhou Geng Cake Heze was known as Caozhou in ancient times. The persimmons made of mirror persimmons made of mirroring persimmons in the east suburbs of Heze City are the best. The persimmons of mirror persimmons, spinning peeling, sun exposure, and pinching are called Geng cakes.Geng Cake is delicate and tough, orange and transparent in color, thick and non -nuclear in frost, no nucleus at the entrance.As early as the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, he was presented to the court as a tribute. Therefore, it was famous for Caozhou Geng Cake. Caozhou Geng Cake was a traditional specialty of Heze.Geng Cake also has high medicinal value, which has functions such as clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, reducing phlegm, strengthening the spleen, astringent intestines, cure diarrhea, hemostasis, lowering blood pressure.Persimmon cream can treat the effects of eloquent sores, sore throat, moisturizing phlegm, and stopping diarrhea.

  Caozhou Geng Cake, Heze City has a history of thousands of years.It is mainly distributed in Jinji, Yuechengzhuang, Peony, Toyo Tun, He Lou, Jindi, Danyang and other townships, towns, and offices on both sides of Zhao Wanghe.Persimmon charcoal can medical blood disease.The white frost formed by the persimmon is peeled and dried. After processing, it can be made into a block -shaped milk white translucent solid. It is called persimmon cream. It is cool and sweet.In 1985, the total score of the total score was won at the persimmons of the persimmon of the Shandong Province.Specialty products have injected new vitality in the market economy. At present, Heze has planned large -scale planting persimmon trees to increase people’s demand and export foreign exchange.

4. Shajia Mongolian bag roasted whole sheep

The first flavor of Caoxian, Cao County, Shandong Province, was identified by the Chinese Food Culture Research Association and the International Kite Federation as a special boutique for Chinese food culture.It is the only award in the roasting industry in Heze and even the province.

  The use of new processes to split roasted whole sheep is currently the most precious place in our local area.Its flavor is comparable to Beijing roast duck, so it is welcomed and favored by Chinese and foreign diners. The business is hot, and the diners are well -known cities, counties, counties, counties and cities, and are popular all over the country.

  Its characteristics: Selected fat and tender lambs within half years old, and now they are slaughtered, and the meat is delicious.The seasoning mainly uses dozens of natural foods and Chinese herbal medicinal materials. The fragrant juice is carefully prepared by the incense master, which contains a variety of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals required by the human body.The juice is in the meat, fragrant into the lungs, the grilled mutton aroma is pure, the taste is delicious, golden, smooth and tender, crispy and refreshing, bone transparent, spicy, spicy, spicy and fragrantNot greasy, not getting angry, moisturize the lungs and intestines after eating, relieve muscles and promote blood, increase appetite, nourish big tonic, extend life, have the functions of health and aphrodisiac, are really precious foods in the four seasons, delicious food, delicious food, delicious food, delicious foodDishes, do n’t know if you do n’t eat it, say good after eating!

5. Caoxian spicy pork elbow

Caoxian spicy pork elbow is a special food in Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Province.Caoxian spicy pork elbow production process is complicated. Choose the front and rear elbows of the pigs. After marinating, bundling, cooking and other processes, it is supplemented by a variety of materials.Delicious dishes.

  Caoxian spicy pork elbow was learned from Xi’an from Xi’an in 1990. The taste is tender and not greasy. The production process is complicated. The selected pigs’ elbow meat, which is made of marinated, bundled, and cooked.The color, fragrance, and taste are full. After the slicing, the taste is better than a layer. It is a rare delicious dish.After the spicy pork elbow was in Cao County, it has a history of 30 years. It has been welcomed by new and old customers.

6. Cao County toon

In 1984, with the help of the County Science and Technology Commission, the Agricultural Bureau and other units, the villagers of Zhukou Village conducted a turtle test of greenhouse planting.The greenhouse toon cultivation varieties are mainly red toon and red bud and green toon.Local seedlings, build rooms on the spot.The seedlings are 1.2 kg to 1.5 kg per mu, and 6,000 to 8,000 plants are planted per mu.Short cutting at 20 cm from the ground and promoting the side branches. In early November, the sunlight greenhouse was established in the same place or moved into the greenhouse for heating and insulation management. The average daily temperature was above 12 ° C to 15 ° C.The experiment was successful, and 150 kg of toon was collected acres, and the economic benefits were considerable.

  In 1997, the county adjusted and optimized the structure of the planting industry. After the county party committee and county government proposed that the southern region was required to establish a fruit and toon base in the south, the greenhouse toon was planted.Turning up sale into plastic bags is sealed and packed into box sales, and the production technology is perfect.In 2009, the planting area was 4.3 hectares, and the annual output was 8,000 kilograms.The products are exported to more than 10 large and medium cities including Jinan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

  Toon buds and leaves are delicious dishes, crispy, juice, and rich fragrance.There are many ways to eat. After the fresh spring buds are hot through boiling water, it is cold and fried, and the taste is delicious and unique.”Toon is mixed with tofu, sesame sauce, and sweet and beautiful”; toon and eggs are blended, and fried with oil is also fragrant; in the summer, it can be sprinkled in the cold noodles with tuluts.The appropriate amount of salt is marinated in the altar, which can be used for daily dishes.Toon buds (leaves) contain a variety of nutrients and are easily absorbed by the human body.Every hundred grams of toon, 6 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 0.75 mg of aroma oil, and essential amino acids and minerals for the human body.

7. Caoxian sesame cake

Cao County Cake is a specialty of Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Province.The roasted sesame cake surface is yellow and red, and it is unveiled with hands.

  Cao County has a long history and is one of the traditional famous Han people in Heze in Shandong.According to the legend, when Confucius traveled to the country, he walked to Cao County. He was sleepy and hungry. The disciples asked the local people to make some flour, make a few cakes, and stuck it on the reflected iron pot.There was a burst of fragrance, which made Confucius and disciples praise it. It was called food. Since then, it has gradually developed into a unique Cao County sesame cake.

  Caoxian sesame cake is sophisticated. The pancakes use wheat fine powder. After multiple processes such as harmony, dish, kneading, and falling, they are wrapped with oil, salt, and pepper., Plague, coat a layer of sugar, and sesame with sesame kernels on the surface, that is, put it into the furnace to barbecue.There is also a must -have shape. After the skilled knife workers cut into fish backs, plate flowers, and jet flowers, it greatly adds the color and characteristics of Caoxian sesame cake.

8. Caoxian Xiaoyu Decoction

Caoxian Xiaoyu Decoction is a traditional snack in Cao County, Heze. It has a history of more than 100 years. A hundred years ago, fishermen who fished fish on the banks of the Yellow River made the soup with those small fish that were not easy to sell.Wowoton eaten, slowly spread throughout the county, and became an authentic Cao County Xiaoyu Decoction.Caoxian Xiaoyu Decoction is made from a small miscellaneous fish with a finger, frying the fish with noodles, making a sour soup, sour fragrance, appetite.Caoxian Xiaoyu Soup is common to eat with fire or miscellaneous noodles, and a small dish of pepper paste dipped in eating. It is one of the favorite breakfast snacks of Caoxian people.

We went to a small hutong to eat, and I heard that it was not authentic, but it was enough to satisfy my super big food!The slightly spicy soup with the fried small fish and the facial leaves are really endless. A full bowl of small fish soup did not eat other things at noon.Two ways of eating, one is crispy and not mixed the fish into the soup, a bite of fish and soup is crispy ~ or get tired of mixing them in, fish noodle leaves soup together, it is not a rigidity.The strange thing is how to soak and it wo n’t go away. It feels crispy.In the end, it was even more surprised after eating. The 10 yuan was filled with the stomach of the two foodies. I had to admit that the consumption of Heze was indeed low.

9. Mung bean 子 9 9

Mung bean pills are a traditional authentic snacks in Cao County, Heze, and one of the special foods of Cao County.The mung bean pill is produced in the old village of Sun in the old house of Sun, and has a history of nearly 200 years. It is well -known for a long time because of its unique flavor. The main ingredients are mung bean noodles. The ingredients are sea rice, red shrimp, etc.Frying into a ball, it is characterized by its delicious taste and endless aftertaste.Mung bean pills are stored for a long time without rusty, boiled for a long time, and they are suitable for all kinds of vegetables, hot pots, casserole and other foods, and can also be eaten dry;Wait for the seasoning.

10. Caoxian leather miscellaneous

Caoxian Skin Miscellaneous: Skin (sound) is also known as FEI Za sounds (FEI ZA) is a special dish in Cao County, Heze. It is said that only Cao County has a snack, and it is a very famous home -cooked dish.It is very popular in the local area.The main ingredients are powder skin, molting peanut rice, minced meat and other ingredients, and sesame oil needs to be added after frying.

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