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Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province: The "Fun+Farming Agreement" Games will ignite the enthusiasm of employees

China Industry Network News Recently, the Ganzhou Second Employee Sports Festival series activities jointly organized by Chongyi County Federation of Chongyi County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, and the Investment Group, “Chinese Dream · Labor Beauty” in 2024 “Chinese Dream · Labor Beauty” “The Chonggong Cup “Workers’ Fun Games will start in Chongyi County. More than 430 teams and athletes from 36 teams from grass -roots unions such as townships, urban communities, enterprises and institutions in the county participated in the competition.
The competition has 6 items including “Fun Matsus”, “Happy Five Son Chess”, “Fastest and Eight Stability”, Backing Packing, Tug He, and “Pearl Wan Wanli”. The participating athletes have risen enthusiastically, and actively show the power of unity and the spirit of hard work in the field.EssenceAfter competition, the six single items were produced in the first, second, and third prizes, and the eight teams won the first to eighth place in the total score of the group.
This fun sports meeting also incorporated the theme of farmers. The Chongyi County Federation of Trade Unions purchased a group of Chongyi and high qualityAgricultural special products are prizes, and actively guide the majority of employees to become the propaganda, tastors and promoters of agricultural special products in their hometown.
In the next step, the Chongyi County Federation of Trade Unions will adhere to the overall situation of the service center and serve the employees and the masses to “grasp both hands”, continue to innovate service methods, expand optimizing service content, and help effectively integrate trade unions into the overall economic and social development.(Liu Mouzhi)
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