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Colored rapeseed flowers add another 7 colors!There are 70 kinds of colors


Spring has arrived, and rapeseed flowers all over the country have been in full bloom.Recently, the colorful rapeseeds of Jiangxi Agricultural University bloomed gorgeous, and the colorful flowers and sea were unique and attracted countless viewers.This year, Fu Donghui, a researcher at Jiangxi Agricultural University of Agricultural University, has selected 7 new colors, namely carmine, large yellow plaques, white and bright, water pink, pure purple, light plum red rose red spots, brown purple red stripes, brown purple red stripes,The total number exceeds 70 kinds.

“From the research of tourist rapeseed, the team is closely combined with the bottleneck problem of the development of rapeseed industry in Wuyuan and other places in Jiangxi, cultivating new rapeseed colors and developing new rapeseed products, which is of positive significance for promoting the sustainable and rapid development of the rapeseed industry. This yearThe colorful rapeseeds are characterized by dark colors, full color and excellent comprehensive characteristics. Its ornamental value has been fully upgraded to achieve better ornamental. “Fu Donghui said.On the basis of 34 stable colors in 2023, the two colors of rust red and blood red are added, so that the stable color is 36.

Different colors of rapeseed.Figure Fu Donghui  

Since 2015, Fu Donghui has focused on color rapeseed research. On the basis of providing pollen based on Li Xiaonan, a senior agronomist company of Xiaonan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Province, he has hybridized, recovered and self -made by his pollen with excellent materials.A variety of breeding methods such as sex will re -combine different color genes, targeted selection, and excellent selection, which prompts the color types of rapeseed flowers to continuously update.

According to Fu Donghui, in addition to rich colors, color rapeseeds also have the characteristics of wide adaptability, long flowering period, high yield, strong fragrance, and high added value.In addition to tourist ornamental value, color rapeseed can also be made into various cakes, and the extract of color rapeseed essence can be processed into many makeup products such as hand creams, masks, creams, etc., which is of great significance to extend the industrial chain and increase the income of growers.

In recent years, the rapeseed economy in Jiangxi Wuyuan, Shaanxi Hanzhong, Yunnan Luoping, and Jingzhou, Hubei has shown a rapid development trend. After the successful selection of different varieties of color varieties, it can be demonstrated with the scenic area to promote the scenic area to update tourism products.At present, the team has established cooperative relationships with more than 100 scenic spots in more than 20 provinces to carry out scientific demonstration planting in new varieties.More than 10 beautiful rural construction points or scenic spots such as Shezhen have been demonstrated, and the effect is good.

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