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Do people who exercise must be healthier?Keep in mind scientific exercise

“Do you must be healthier?”

“What is scientific and effective exercise?” From a medical perspective, the health of the body is related to factors such as heredity, diet, exercise, emotion, and environment.Although exercise is not the only determined factor in health, people who often exercise will usually be better, and exercise can also reduce the chance of disease.Today we will share some “small tricks” of scientific movements to “add points” to your health index.

Method 1TheExercise at different times, the effect is very different

An overseas study found that compared with exercise at other times, morning exercises can reduce women’s whole body fat and abdominal fat by 3%and 7%, respectively; late exercise can significantly improve male metabolism and emotions, reduce systolic blood, reduce fatigue, and reduce fatigue.More beneficial to lowering blood pressure and protecting the heart.

Method 2TheChoosing the right exercise time is very important

Compared with other time periods, every day from 11: 00 ~ 17:00, the mortality rate of mortality and cardiovascular disease will be reduced.For office workers in the sedentary office, you can take a small fit for lunch break, and exercise in 30 minutes.Sports methods are recommended to choose jogging, aerobics, yoga, etc., and can also conduct push -ups, standing posture dumbbells, squats and other strength training, which can help burn more calories and enhance physical vitality.

Method 3: Continue to exercise, open a healthy life with one table

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