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  On March 22, the signing ceremony of the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Association, the Provincial Federation of Literature and Arts, and the Central Plains Media Group was held in Zhengzhou.This indicates that the in -depth cooperation of the three units has taken an important step. It will focus on exploring the new model of “technology+culture” in -depth integration and development, and promotes the high -quality development of science and technology, literature and art, and publishing in our province.

  The Provincial Association of Science and Technology is an important force for scientific and technological innovation and the popularization of science. The Provincial Federation of Literary and Arts is an important platform for cultural and artistic creation and exchanges. The Central Plains Publishing Media Group is the main force of the province’s cultural industry.In order to better serve the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to build a national innovation highland and the decision -making and deployment of a strong cultural province, the three parties will establish a long -term cooperation mechanism, consolidate the development of joint efforts, and jointly create exchanges for science and technology workers, literary and art workers, and publishersCooperation platforms to increase the construction and supply of high -quality popular science cultural products.