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Fashion+ancient town, new sample of cultural tourism

  In the last week of April, a unique fashion show was staged in Pufu Fashion Ancient Town in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang.”Ten thousands of silk, a giant town of Jiahe”, in history, the Puyuan named the world with the name of the world. In 2023, the word “fashion” was re -appeared.The ambition of the development of ancient town.There are ancient towns everywhere in Jiangnan. How can a short year of New Ancient Town, how can we travel a new path that is different from the development of ancient towns in the past?What is the inspiration of promoting the integration of cultural tourism and stimulating consumption potential?Can you provide reference experience for other ancient towns?With these questions, the reporter came to Puyuan Ancient Town and found out inside and outside the show.

  Ancient Town Fashion Week in Chinese and Western

  With a history of nearly a thousand years, Fu Shan Temple, under the surrounding of two ginkgo trees planted in the Song Dynasty, the international well-known wedding brand Vera Wang Haute “2024SS-CAPSULE Collection” capsule series stunning.Models wearing western -style wedding dresses slowly walked out of antique Chinese buildings, and the aesthetics of the East and West were integrated in the same space, allowing the audience to praise it again and again.The “water show” staged on the water Zen Hall is also shocking. Under the solemn wooden structure of the wooden structure, the audience and the show are across the water to watch the models on the cruise.

  The show also occurred in the streets of the ancient town. The Ma Ma Plaza, the church square, and the river square became a natural show.Music Street Show is integrated with the ancient street view, and the garden is combined with the runway. The tourists can encounter a fashion show at all times, and they suddenly feel like passing through time and space.Different from the previous conventional shows, the Puyuan Fashion Week completely broke the restrictions on the show and stage, allowing the audience to immerse themselves and feel the fashion show.

  The ancient town and show, classical and fashion, this unprecedented and surprisingly harmonious match, brought a very novel experience to the audience participating in Fashion Week.The designer who participated in Puyuan Fashion Week talked about his own feelings like this, “Payon’s space, the Zen Hall on the water gives a lot of possibilities for fashion and show, and also brought a very different experience to the people who came to see the show.. You feel that you have been brought into a place with strong cultural colors in China, and at the same time, you have seen a very contemporary fashion release.The possibility of fashion and human interaction has been improved at various levels. “

  In a fashion show, the natural advantages of the Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town Scenic Area to the extreme.It seems to be to show his ambitions. The Puyuan Fashion Week, which began in 2017, officially changed its name to Puyuan Fashion Week this year.Walking in the ancient town, careful observation will find that the integration of traditional cultural space and modern lifestyle can be seen everywhere.In the architectural space full of classical styles, consumer scenes and art spaces such as the Fashion Exhibition Hall, the Silk Pavilion, the Show Space, the Character Playing Package, the Fragrance Collection Store, and the Japanese Coffee Night Wine does not grow abruptly here. The ancient townThe interweaving with fashion has formed the “differentiation” of the ancient town of Puyuan.

  Fashion and cultural tourism spark

  The ethics and life atmosphere are organically integrated, the historical culture and the ancient courtyard are complementary, and the regional characteristics are handed in handle with leisure vacation … As a very representative tourism form in China, the ancient town has gone through decades and achieved outstanding results.As early as 2001, Liuzhuang, Jiangnan (Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Tongli, Zhizhi, and Wuzhen, Nanxun, and Xitang in Zhejiang) were included in the list of preparations for the World Cultural Heritage of China.In the ancient town of Huizhou, a vivid ink painting scroll was outlined.The ancient town of Yunnan contains strong national cultural characteristics.The collision between tradition and modernity is the commonality of the ancient town, attracting many tourists and becoming a dark horse in the cultural tourism market.The wedding of a stylish marriage has created different charm, and the Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town, which has a short formal operation time, quickly launched its popularity.

  How does fashion fall in the ancient town?In fact, in order to distinguish the surrounding ancient town, the core concept of fashion was determined early in the early days of Puyuan Development.”Set the theme direction of the content of the future scenic spot, and focus on fashion themes in many aspects of formats, content, activities.The channels are similar to the original intention of the Wuzhen Drama Festival.

  In the ancient town of Puyuan, fashionable and incompatible, fashion content gradually fully and mature with the operation and development of the ancient town.Here, tourists of all ages can feel the freshness that comes from the face.Common elements in ancient towns such as Shui Lane, Wharf, Ancient Bridge, Square, and Boats have become symbols to present fashion life.This year’s Puyuan Fashion Week has added new forms such as Puyuan Fashion Ceremony and fashion street show.”Puyuan Fashion Week is more like a stage. Through this stage, young designers go out and let the combination of fashion and cultural tourism go out. Therefore, we have joined the fashion magazine Instyle this year.The understanding of fashion will slowly go to the public, attract the fashion industry talents in various fields, and create a space for exchanges and interaction. “Yao Jie said.Fashion Street Show is a new idea for the integration of fashion and cultural tourism.In her opinion, fashion should not be tied up, she should break the restrictions, walk into the streets of the ancient town, walk to tourists, and be seen and touched by the public at close range.

  Observing the trend of the cultural tourism market in recent years, with the help of differentiated resource advantages, create a unique tourist scene to meet the diversified cultural tourism consumption needs of tourists and become a magic weapon for winning.Quanzhou 、, Caoxian Hanfu, Zibo barbecue, and Yantai star starring in concerts. The cultural tourism projects that have recently become popular in social media have captured the essence of them and reflected the local cultural charm and tourism characteristics.Nowadays, most ancient towns are similar -retaining relatively complete traditional buildings, one street, shopping on both sides, repeated formats, and tourists cannot avoid real estate fatigue fatigue.The brand of fashion and cultural tourism is the new interpretation of tourism connotation in the ancient town of Puyuan. Fashion genes integrate into the historic town, tap the cultural connotation, while showing the new expression of the integration of cultural tourism.

  Industry leads tourism, tourism feedback industry

  Industrial integration refers to “different industries in different industries or the same industry penetrate, cross each other, and eventually integrate into one, and gradually form a dynamic development process of new industries.” The deep integration of culture and tourism is the test of innovation.The fashion feet in the ancient town of Puyuan are inseparable from the mutual achievements of the sweater industry behind the back.As we all know, Puyuan does not produce wool, but it is the world’s largest sweater distribution center. In 2023, the overthrow of the Puyuan wool sweater market exceeded 130 billion yuan.The emergence of Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town is a breakthrough for this traditional clothing processing industry to seek transformation.As a carrier of innovation, the ancient town of Puyuan Town used culture as the link, realizing the interactive integration between the sweater industry and tourism industry.

  Tourism+industry is an effective exploration made by the Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town on the extension of the cultural tourism industry chain, and the radiation effect is increasingly obvious.The core concept of Fashion Week “knitting and fashion” stems from the summary of local characteristics.Yao Jie mentioned that the original intention of the Puyuan Fashion Week was to accelerate the transformation of the local industry. The knitting industry is a representative masterpiece of Puyuan’s world -renowned world. The concept of knitting+fashion+tourism is merged.”Puyuan is the largest garment design, production, and transaction integrated distribution center in China. Its design, independence guidance, innovation of processing technology and fabric process, and online and offline integration in the large market modelIn the future, it will use ancient towns and Internet technology to gain greater development prospects. “

  Industry leads tourism, and tourism will also feed the industry.The influence of cultural tourism formed by Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town has gained popularity, and the attention and cooperation of mainstream fashion came.Some young designers grow here.Cooperation with the latest trend concept and popular cultural cross -border is undoubtedly beneficial to local brands.At present, unlike the ancient town selling tourist souvenirs, the commercial form of the ancient town of Puyuan Fashion is closely linked to fashion propositions. In addition to the factory stores of local brand sweaters, there are also formats such as silk, hats, and trendy buyers.With high commercialization to crack the problem of “only shopping”, it has fully stimulated consumer potential and enrich the experience.

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