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Financial "Mo" Postal Savings Bank Linyi City Branch wrote the "Spring Farming Story" with the heart

Luwang, March 26 (Reporter Wu Yanping Correspondent Zheng Yuanchao) “The smoke warm soil cream is moving, and the new rain has broken the spring farming.” In the past few days, the farmers can see the busy figures of the farmers caught by farmers everywhere.In order to ensure the spring plowing bureau and take good steps, the postal savings bank Linyi City Branch regards financial support for spring plowing as an important starting point for serving the “agriculture and rural” work, so that farmers can not wait for “loan” for spring plowing.The figure appeared in the factory, the house, the farmers’ house, and the merchant’s door. The “acceleration” in spring ran out of the spring plowing story.

“Loan” spring plowing for “not bad money”

During the critical period of spring plowing, Wan Honghe Wan Honghe, an operator of Honghe Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperatives in Lintong County, was strongly supported by the Postal Savings Bank.He operates 670 acres of land, mainly planting corn and wheat, and is a well -known local planting household.

Recalling the first cooperation with the postal savings bank, Wan Hong praised him.In 2019, Wan Honghe wants to buy several new agricultural machines for the cooperative. You can buy the seeds, fertilizers and contract gold required for 670 acres of land, and also need a lot of funds. Where does the money come from?This made him sorrow.

During the spring plowing, the customer manager of the Postal Savings Bank’s Linxian County Sub -branch visited the countryside and learned that Wan Honghe’s funding demand was actively communicated and connected to the “Lufang Hui Agricultural Loan” 300,000 yuan.Go smoothly.

At the end of 2023, due to the market conditions, Wan Honghe’s funds were not timely, resulting in insufficient spring plowing funds.In order to fully meet the short -term, frequent, and urgent financing needs of farmers to fully meet farmers’ spring farming production, the customer manager of Lintong County Sub -branch has simplified the loan process through the “speed loan” business. It only took ten minutes, and 340,000 loans arrived., Solving Wan Honghe’s urgency.

“Postal savings bank loan solves the worries of my spring plowing. With the help of rapid loan, my spring plowing is more motivated!” Wan Hong said happily, “This year I plan to renovate the courtyard and build a warehouse in a warehouse this year.It is used to store dry corn and wheat, and then buy new machines. At that time, it is inseparable from the support of the postal savings bank! “

Help agricultural machinery companies run out of “acceleration”

Not only did peasants and farmers benefit from financial services during the spring plowing, companies in the agricultural industry chain have also experienced the permission of finance.Entering the country’s largest second -hand agricultural machinery sales market, the Xupetan Agricultural Machinery Market in Tancheng County, all kinds of agricultural machinery are dazzling.Agricultural machinery equipment such as tractors, combined harvesters, spinningrs, sowing machines, etc. are neatly displayed on both sides of the road, waiting to be sold throughout the country.

Yang Chuanlong has operated agricultural machinery sales business in this market for more than 10 years. He aimed at the development opportunities of rural e -commerce. He tried to sell agricultural machinery sales and service. At present, it has more than 180,000 fans, and the sales volume has also increased year by year.However, due to factors such as the large purchase cost of agricultural machinery and equipment, the high maintenance cost, the general phenomenon of inventory funds, and the long period of repayment cycle, in 2021, there was a gap in corporate mobile funds.

The customer manager of the postal savings of the Tancheng County Sub -branch learned about the situation during the visit, customized the most suitable product for it for the first time, and successfully issued 840,000 yuan of “mortgage speed loan” to solve the problem of funding.Today, with the help of online sales platforms, Yang Chuanlong’s agricultural machinery sales business is getting bigger and bigger, which is not only widely favored by local farmers, but also attracted the moody of foreign farmers.

“Thanks to the support of our postal savings bank’s credit funds, it is really convenient to grant credit and borrow. This year’s market sales market is not bad. I have purchased a number of agricultural machinery equipment to prepare for this year’s sales season.”Yang Chuanlong said.

Xu Qingfeng, who operates a second -hand agricultural machinery in the Xupatan Agricultural Machinery Market, is also an old friend of the postal savings bank.”It has been more than a decade of cooperating with the postal savings bank, and has already become the ‘hardcore fan’ of the postal savings bank. From the beginning of 50,000, 100,000 to 500,000 today.Qiang. “Xu Qingfeng said.

According to Gao Jing, the president of the Tancheng County Sub -branch of the Postal Savings Bank, Xu Putan Village is the earliest credit village developed. At present, there are more than 150 credit in the market.Applying for a loan can give the corresponding amount in 10 minutes and get the account, which greatly facilitates the demand for farmers’ funds.

“Agricultural time is not waiting for people, financial support for spring plowing must conform to the agricultural time and make efforts in advance.” Song Luguang, president of the postal branch of Linyi City Branch, said that it provides more efficient, convenient and reliable financial services to spring agricultural production, the bank will advance the entire system in advance for the entire system.Financial services are deployed in spring plowing and farming work, and they are fully helping farmers and agricultural -related entities to solve the problem of shortage of spring cultivation funds, and meet the needs of multi -level and diversified financial services for spring farming.

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