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Gold hit a record high!JD Finance launched one -stop gold trading platform amplification move

From early March to the present, the price of gold has repeatedly reached high, and the international gold spot price has exceeded the $ 2,200/ounce mark in one fell swoop, which has attracted great attention from many investors.For ordinary investors, the main methods of participating in gold investment are physical gold bars, accumulated gold, gold funds, gold spot/futures transactions.How does so many investment tools combine and can be traded efficiently and conveniently on the same platform?Recently, JD Finance has upgraded the gold investment experience, creating a one -stop gold trading platform “JD Gold” channel integrating investment tools such as physical gold, accumulation gold, funds, and gold recovery.

[News release] Gold reached a record high again!JD Finance launched one -stop gold trading platform amplification move

The accumulated gold is one of the common tools for ordinary investors to participate in gold investment.Compared with factors such as the traditional channel purchase accumulated gold, it is affected by factors such as unable to trade at night and delay in buying and selling. The online platform represented by JD Finance can achieve a 24 -hour transaction for accumulating gold. At the same time, it supports T+0.The daily interest and can be exchanged for spot gold. Now it is favored by investors, especially in the young groups. The data shows that since March 2024,’s average daily transaction volume has increased by more than 95% year -on -year transactions.Essence

As a convenient way for off -site investors to participate in the Gold Fund, the Gold ETF connection fund has become one of the ideal choices of ordinary investors due to its low investment threshold, physical assets, and convenient and flexible transactions.In recent years, the sales and preservation of the Internet platform have also ushered in a rapid growth rate.Taking JD Finance as an example, investors can buy ETF connection funds on the platform more conveniently, and the threshold for buying is as low as 0.1 yuan.Data show that since March, JD Finance’s gold ETF connection fund has increased by 118%year -on -year.

In terms of physical gold, JD Finance can also provide accumulated gold exchange and gold recovery services.Through the online placement of “Jingdong Gold” channel, the accumulation of gold is realized with the bank’s gold jewelry and gold bars. Investors can also monetize the accumulated old -fashioned decoration on the platform.

The relevant person in charge of JD Finance said that in the past, investors often needed to buy on different platforms when investing in gold. This time, JD Finance has newly upgraded the user experience of the gold investment, which fully meets the diversified and personalized investment needs of investors to help.Investors allocate gold based on their own risk preferences with a more reasonable investment portfolio, thereby achieving the best balance of risks and benefits.

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