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Health China Action Knowledge Competition Family Family Family Special Yongzhou Division was successfully held

Today’s Yongzhou News(All media reporter Du Hui Tang Yan Peng Xianhui Correspondent Zhang Qing) In order to further promote the construction of healthy Yongzhou and comprehensively improve the health literacy level of the masses.On April 20, the Yongzhou Health China Action Knowledge Competition, hosted by Yongzhou Health and Health Committee, Yongzhou Family Planning Association, Yongzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and co -organized by Yongzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and co -organized by Yongzhou Cultural Tourism, Radio, Television and Sports BureauEssenceLiu Jianneng, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, delivered a speech and announced the start of the event.Shen Weizheng, a third -level director of the Business Guidance Office of the Hunan Family Planning Association, Chen Rongbin, a third -level investigator of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, Wu Mingzhu, full -time vice chairman of the Municipal Family Planning Association, Deng Yangchun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yongzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine HospitalSecretary -General Wu Qilin attended the opening ceremony.More than 100 people from all counties (cities) in the city participated.

In his speech, Liu Jianneng said that holding a special event in the health China Action Knowledge Contest is to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and give play to the key role of healthy families in promoting the construction of healthy China and promoting the high -quality development of the population.An important measure to carry out in -depth.The purpose is to promote the health literacy level and family health management capabilities through the “health knowledge competition+health concept advocate”.Adhere to people’s health as the center, implement the concept of “big health, great health” and prevention as the main needle, innovate working methods, rely on multi -party joint efforts, continuously build a strong family health service position, strengthen the team of family health instructors, and actively explore family health to promote new promotionModels, strive to lead family health work and make new and greater contributions to the construction of healthy Yongzhou.

This competition is divided into five links: “National Physical Physical Test”, “Family First Aid Skills Competition”, “Health Skills Competition”, “Healthy Knowledge Competition”, and “Health Science Popularization”, covering physical fitness testing, first aid practical exercises, and first aid exercisesHealth knowledge and popular science display, etc., vividly show the competition of intelligence, skills, and physical strength.

The atmosphere at the scene was warm. Each county and city participating teams actively participated in and cooperated with each other. It was better than knowledge, comparison, skills, and psychological quality, showing a good level of family health knowledge.After fierce competition, the city’s straight team won the first prize; the city’s straight team won the second prize; Ningyuan County, Jianghua County, and Jiangyong County won the third prize.

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