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"Healthy Food" in the live broadcast room, do not "sell dogs to sell dog meat"

  Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission surveyed 100 live broadcast rooms, of which 83 of them involved “sugar -free, sucrose, no sugar, no sucrose” and other related products.When anchors are broadcast, they will focus on emphasizing that the applicable people are “sugar -controlled people”, “pregnant mothers”, “old people”, and “children” and so on.From the perspective of actual testing results, the proportion of names is nearly one -half, and even some of the products that claim sugar -free products are actually very sugar content.(CCTV News on March 19)

  In recent years, live broadcast has become a new outlet for e -commerce. In addition to e -commerce platforms, other online platforms have also embarked on the road of live broadcast.However, there are a lot of live broadcasts, such as live broadcast volume, the anchor selling counterfeit and inferior products, flicker live broadcast and cargo for false propaganda, and so on.

  In this way, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission surveyed that the “Healthy Food” live room has nearly half of the product names, and some “healthy foods” are even “three non -food” foods such as “three non -food”.Such a “healthy food” misleads consumers and may also threaten the health of consumers. For example, there are hidden food safety hazards in “three non -food”.Consumers who want to reduce sugar intake in large quantities of sugar can be taken, which may bring potential threats to the body.

  In fact, not only the live broadcast room, there are many similar problems offline.With the upgrading of consumption, people are more concerned about health. Merchants have taken their favor and raised the banner of safe and healthy, such as “zero sugar and zero card” drinks, and various living daily necessities with magical effects.But there are many suspected publicity.In this way, the former “Vitality Forest” promoted “0 sucrose”, but the ingredient table was listed on various “sugar” …

  Consumption upgrades, consumers’ health awareness has been improved, but health knowledge is still relatively scarce, and related supervision seems a bit lagging.Although some “healthy foods” launched in the market are catering to consumer upgrades, they are also a “pseudo -upgrade”, but they are just creating “consumer lies” or “consumer scams”.Really upgrade.Especially in the live broadcast room, the chaos of the live broadcast is more serious.

  In this regard, on the one hand, the platform needs to fulfill good management responsibilities, strengthen self -net ability, and we must not “open one eye and close one eye” for illegal sales behaviors, and condonate and shelter merchants or anchors selling illegal and illegal sales.You must know that the interests of users are actually parallel and in line with the interests of the platform. The rectification of chaos and chaos of the live broadcast is not only to protect consumers’ rights and interests, but also to the long -term and healthy development of the platform.

  On the other hand, the regulatory authorities also need to strengthen supervision, urge the network platform to fulfill their management responsibilities, and increase the crackdown on the chaos of live broadcasts.In 2021, the seven departments jointly released the “Management Measures for Live Live Marketing (Trial)”, which further regulated the main responsibility of the platform and anchor.To be able to implement relevant regulations and compact relevant responsibilities.

  Consumers should also raise awareness of prevention, improve health literacy, prevent the flicker by unscrupulous merchants, and pay the “IQ Tax”.Relevant departments should attach importance to carrying out health knowledge and improve consumer health knowledge.