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Hurry up!Real shot Chang’an Ford Wing Tiger 2.0T Sports

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Changan Ford’s biggest events this year are related to the two SUV models of Winghu and Wingbo. At the end of last year, it is reported that Winghu may be officially launched at the beginning of this year. Under the eyes of many expectations, Changan Ford still has not given accurate accuracy.As for the time of listing, my colleagues have just participated in the test drive activities as for the Wingbo model, and Wing Tiger had previously conducted a test drive.In theory, Wing Tiger will be listed in Wingbo first, and will only have movement after the Winghu is listed in accordance with this progress.

Of course, the above is only a guessing time for the listing of the two models, but recently visited the 4S shop to learn that Winghu has already been in the store and was reserved, and the relevant configuration table has been announced.I also hope that the official will be given the news in the near future. Before that, we first brought a real shot of the Changan Ford Wing Tiger Sports Edition 2.0T model.

After the first appearance of Winghu, the report on the Internet has not stopped. A large number of netizens’ attention is also rising. The excellent appearance design has been impressed.consumer.The length, width, and height of the wing tiger in the body size reached 4524, 1838, and 1695mm, which is slightly larger than the main competitor Tiguan. At the same time, the wheelbase of 2690mm is 6mm longer than Touram.

Today, the family design is fully rolled out, Ford also “customized” a family -style front face for Wing Tiger. The single -horizontal chrome front grille is the iconic design of the Ford’s model, and the three -point downward gas is processed.The grille is also reflected in Fox, but the stretching shape is more stable than the Fox’s internal sporty design.

The headlights of the wing tiger added the design of the light eyebrows sharply, and at the same time, it was equipped with a gel head and headlights. Of course, the Chinese favorite daytime driving lights are essential.However, it is understood that the 1.6L displacement models are not equipped with daily driving lights.The front fog light is located on both sides of the lower air grille, echoing the shape of the headlights, which is quite exquisite.

The smooth line contours and the side curves of various changes are the indispensable elements of many SUVs. The side of the wing tiger’s body also reflects the contour of dynamic and streamlined lines, but the tough lines and a well -muscle design in detail are still beautiful.The exclusive style of the car.In addition, the roof luggage rack and the black side skirt below are typical SUV elements, but the luggage racks are more practical as most SUVs than most SUVs.

In front of the side of the body, the wing plate is equipped with a chrome -plated inlet to decorate, but it is not practical. It is just decorative.In terms of tires, Wing Tiger adopts the specifications of 235/50 R18 brand as Geyte, and the style of ten -spoke wheels is relatively common. In addition, it also provides a sporty shape of a wrench design.

The tiger tail design is compact, the overall line contour has a strong three -dimensional sense, the taillight style echoes the headlights, and the LED design is added. The visual effect is significantly improved when it is on.The lower guard plate at the tail is larger than the front of the car, and it also seems to be wider. In the 2.0T model, the wing tiger is equipped with a reversing visible, but it is changed to a reversing radar in the 1.6T model, and the tail is equipped.


Wing Tiger’s interior is not unfamiliar, it is still Ford’s new family style. It is basically the same as Fox in design, and the familiar SYNC multimedia interactive system is also equipped with it.The operation can be easily completed here.

The Sync system is developed by Ford and Microsoft, and the integration function is also very powerful.In addition to the SYNC system, Ford also provides My Ford Touch Multimedia Interactive System for Wing Tiger. Their difference is that they can control the control of entertainment systems such as audio and video through the round joystick. At the same time, the 8 -inch LCD display still supports touch control controlIt is also more convenient, but it is only equipped in top models.

The style of the steering wheel has not changed. In addition to the most basic audio control control function above, there is a fixed -speed cruise system below.In addition, the control button at the bottom right also has a Bluetooth -free function, and the design of the instrument panel is exactly the same as Fox.

Wing Tiger 2.0T Sports Edition is equipped with automatic air conditioning and has a temperature partition control function.Looking down, the front seat is the heating control button of the front seat, and this position in the low -profile model becomes a storage space that can put coins.The highlight of the central hand -in -case box is that it provides a very rich external sound source internally, and the rare SD card slot is also equipped.


In terms of space, the wheelbase of Wing Tiger reached 2690mm also made the leg space perform sufficient. At the same time, the flat design of the rear chain also provides convenience for more people.Handle handle adjustment.The configuration of the panoramic sunroof is loved by many people. Wing Tiger is equipped with this configuration in the 2.0T model and can be turned on. It is not completely “locked”.

For the SUV model, the trunk space is particularly important, but the humanized function of a previous trunk space has attracted me. Ford is equipped with a tiger -in -mortar opening function for the tiger.You can control the opening on the sensor. Listening to the staff in the store introduced the most popular customers, often someone comes to the store to “step on one foot.”

The luggage accumulation of the wing tiger is 960L enough to deal with the luggage codes of more than four people. When the second row of seats are poured, the volume increases to 1915L, plus a more flat design allows the wing tiger to store more luggage.The spatial usage rate is greatly improved.

In terms of power, Ford provides two power options: 1.6T and 2.0T for Wing Tiger. Among them, the maximum power of this 2.0T turbocharged engine has reached 178 kW/5500 rpm, and the maximum torque is 350 Nm/3000 rpm.The matching is a 6 -speed manual transmission.In terms of suspension, the previously suspended independent suspension of the McWord, and the multi -link independent suspension. On the help system, the 1.6T model is an electric help, and the 2.0T models are electronic hydraulic power.

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