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[I am a strong technology for technology] Let youth scientific and technological talents dare to sit on a "cold bench"

  In the third collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of scientific research style, guide scientific and technological personnel to abandon exaggeration, eliminate impetuousness, and sit on the “cold bench”.Gan’s “cold bench” is a kind of mood to be able to engage in scientific research and pursue scientific truth, and dare to sit on “cold bench” is an ideal and firm belief.As the key core department of Yucai Gathering, the organizational department should focus on reforming the talent evaluation system, creating conditions to allow potential young scientific and technological talents to calm down, resist loneliness, and carry out basic research and scientific exploration.

  Over the years, my country’s scientific and technological undertakings have achieved historical achievements, and have cultivated a number of strategic scientists in basic research fields. my country has gradually gradually entered and run, and leads by the frontier technology field. Improvement.It is precisely because countless youth scientific and technological talents are in the process of scientific research that even when facing scientific research results, they can still quit their impetuous mentality and maintain a calm mind.The continuous prosperity and progress of science and technology.

  The output of major innovation results is often based on the concentrated research of long time. Only through the iteration of knowledge skills can we achieve a breakthrough of “from 0 to 1”, and to break through the technical difficulties of “stuck neck”.To live loneliness and explore, you can firmly hold key core technologies in your hands.This requires organizational departments to increase their support for young scientific and technological talents in the field of basic research, so that young scientific and technological talents dare to take a “cold bench”.It is necessary to support young scientific and technological talents to pick the beams and take the lead in major national scientific and technological tasks and key core technology research projects, provide long -term and high -intensity stable support during the starting stage of the academic career, and tilt scientific research resources to young scientific and technological talents.Taking “Breaking Siwei” and “Linking New Standards” as the breakthrough, continue to deepen the reform of the talent evaluation system, and do not take the title, education, talent titles, etc. as the main basis for scientific and technological evaluation and talent planning.The contribution -oriented talent evaluation system, scientifically set the talent evaluation cycle, and promote the evaluation period and long -term evaluation of young science and technology talents in the field of basic research.At the same time, it is necessary to create an environment of “tolerance failure and allow trial error” for scientific research, create a good social atmosphere of “not to discuss heroes for a while”, and form a good fashion of “encouraging basic research, advocating science, and exploring truth”.