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Insurance of intersection, pension, business environment … IMF president has developed the high -quality development of the pulse in China

  ”In the long run, China will still be an important contributor to global economic growth.” On March 24th, at the 2024 annual meeting of the China Development High -level Forum, the president of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chris Tarya GioErkiya said so.

  ”China is now facing a fork, is it relying on the effective policies of the past, or a new era of reshaping the high -quality growth of self -greeting? According to our analysis, through a comprehensive reserves of the market, China’s growth rate is the speed of growth. China’s growth rateIt will be greatly higher than the situation of maintaining the status quo. “Georkeva believes that in the next 15 years, this additional growth in China will increase the real economy by 20%. Based on today’s price$ 3.5 trillion.

  What are the contents of the reform plan?In this regard, Georkeva mentioned the challenges faced by China after decades of attention, including real estate, local debt, and low productivityAging population.To successfully transition to a new era of high -quality growth, it is important to deal with these challenges.

  Gorkoya made targeted suggestions.First, decisive measures are taken to reduce the unfinished housing stock, and provide more space for the market -oriented amendments of the real estate industry. It can accelerate the solution of the current real estate industry, but also boost consumers and investors’ confidence.

  Second, a key feature of high -quality growth is that more dependence on domestic consumption is required, which depends on the improvement of individual and family consumption power.This involves the reform of multiple dimensions, including the social security system, business environment, human resources, and medical security, thereby increasing labor productivity and income.

  First of all, consider strengthening the manner of financesystem.Gorkoya believes that the population covers the Chinese social security system is more than any other country in the world, but there is still room for further expanding coverage and increasing benefits.

  Secondly, focusing on the capital and labor productivity depended on the growth of income growth, by strengthening the business environment to ensure the fair competition between private enterprises and state -owned enterprises, these reforms will improve capital distribution; invest in human resources and invest in human resources, invest in human resources, invest in human resources, invest in human resources, invest in human resources, invest in human resources, invest in human resources, and invest in human resources and invest in human resources., Lifetime training, lifelong learning, skills re -training, etc., plus high -quality, Will bring higher labor productivity and higher income.

  Third, grabAnd the advantage of green transformation.”When China seeks the opportunity to seize the Big Bang, the world of countries for the world is not prepared. This is no longer the goal of the future but what is happening at the moment.” Golkiyeva said.

  The IMF believes that the four areas of artificial intelligence preparations in various countries are digital infrastructure, human capital and labor market, innovation and supervision and morality.With developed digital infrastructure, this provides a good start.Establishing a sound artificial intelligence regulatory framework and strengthening economic connection with other innovative countries will help China to achieve a leading position.

  Golkiyev said that he was promotingIn terms of development, China’s potential is also huge.China has gone at the forefront of the world in terms of renewable energy. It has made rapid progress in green transportation. China continues to maintain a leading position for solving the global climate crisis.She has made suggestions that on the basis of progress in recent years, the sale of larger shares at market prices will make China’s de -carbonization process more efficient and expand the coverage of the pollution right trading system to the industrial sector.