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Investigate the public’s strong problems that our province implements a special action of compulsory education in compulsory education.

On May 8th, it was learned from the Provincial Department of Education that the Provincial Department of Education will implement special actions of compulsory education sunshine enrollment to comprehensively investigate the people’s reflection of strong outstanding problems, and further improve the compulsory education exemption and citizens’ recruitment policies, regulations, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures,Methods, increase the scientific, standardized, transparency and convenience of enrollment enrollment, promote the optimization of the business environment, rectify the phenomenon of “dark box operations” and “tip enrollment”, and seriously investigate and deal with charges linked to enrollment enrollment., Improve the long -term mechanism of fair enrollment, and effectively improve the education satisfaction of the people.
The special operation has been implemented from June this year.Optimize the enrollment policy and measures, and resolutely correct or abolish relevant regulations and practices that do not meet the spirit and requirements of the national policy; strictly standardize the enrollment behavior, according to the “ten strict prohibitions” provisions of the enrollment and enrollment of the Ministry of Education, for the key links of enrollment enrollment.Carry out comprehensive investigations of compulsory education schools in the region to correct all kinds of violations; strengthen the disclosure of enrollment information, increase the transparency of enrollment enrollment, accept social supervision; optimize registration of enrollment, computer distribution work, convenient enrollment enrollment process, reduce the burden of the masses; guaranteeThe special group enrollment, strengthen the entrance guarantee work of special groups such as children, left -behind children, children with disabilities, children with disabilities, and children entering the city. To ensure that all ages and adolescent children are equal to compulsory education, they should be fully entered and guaranteed.
In accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Department of Education, while the province’s local parts of the province do a good job of compulsory education, while the special actions of the recruitment of compulsory education will further standardize the management of ordinary high school enrollment, improve the policy of rationalizing the high -quality general high school enrollment indicators to the junior high school in the region to ensure that the enrollment work specifications of primary and secondary schools are standardizedImplementation, openness, transparency, fairness, fairness, and orderly order.
(Zhang Xiaoli) Taiyuan Daily
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