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Ja Kirby Walter Five Potential Landing Spots for a Rising Star

Ja’Koby Walter made waves in his freshman season with the Baylor Bears, showcasing his potential as a future NBA star. The five-star guard has attracted the attention of teams across the league, and here are five potential landing spots for the high-flying guard.

Ja Kirby Walter Five Potential Landing Spots for a Rising Star
  1. San Antonio Spurs:

The San Antonio Spurs have a long history of drafting and developing young talent, and Jacoby Walter fits that mould perfectly. With a strong focus on three-point shooting and perimeter defence, Walter will complement the team’s young core led by Victor Vumbanyama and Dejounte Murray.

  1. Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets are looking for an all-around wing who can score as well as defend, and Jacob Walter fits the bill. With Miles Bridges likely on the move and Terry Rozier traded, Walter would bring a new dimension to the Hornets’ offence while solidifying their perimeter defence.

  1. Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors have gone through a major roster shakeup, and Jacob Walter would be a welcome addition to their rebuilding efforts. His ability to shoot from deep and play multi-positional defence make him a valuable asset that could help the Raptors build a solid foundation for the future.

  1. Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have a dynamic backcourt with Trae Young and Dejounte Murray, but a reported Murray trade could create opportunities for Walter. His defensive prowess and ability to create his own shot would make him an ideal replacement for Murray, thus bolstering the Hawks’ overall defence.

  1. Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls could be in the midst of a rebuild and Jacoby Walter would be a big part of their future plans. His athleticism, shooting ability and defensive skills will complement the offensive talents of Kirby White to form a formidable backcourt duo for years to come.

Given Jah Kirby White’s impressive play and potential, there’s a good chance he’ll hear his name called early in the 2024 NBA Draft. All five of the aforementioned teams are potential landing spots for him where he can continue to develop his game and show off his star potential on the big stage.


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