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Let more children learn well, the coverage rate of group groups in Beijing has reached 75%

Beijing News (Reporter Yang Feifei) On April 23, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission’s news ventilation that in recent years, in order to satisfy the people’s expectations of learning, Beijing has further promoted reform and innovation and continued to focus on expanding and promising quality.Promote the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education.Up to now, the city’s group -based school coverage rate has reached 75%, and the management of school district system has covered 90%of primary and secondary schools, and 100%of township compulsory education schools have been supported by “hand -pull”.
2024 is the deepening reform year of Beijing’s basic education, the year of the curriculum construction, the year of the construction of the teacher team, and the year of paying close attention to the implementation of the year.Beijing accelerates the structural reform of education supply side, and promotes the supply of educational services from monomer schools to the supply of education group school districts.
At the same time, Beijing has continuously promoted a small -scale, large proportion, and diversified new teacher exchange rotation.As of now, a total of more than 42,000 transfer rotation teachers have accounted for 79%of teachers who meet the conditions of exchange rotation. They have basically formed a normalized exchange rotation mechanism, and the coverage of high -quality resource coverage has continued to expand.
Primary and secondary school degrees that the public cares about has also increased.Beijing has implemented the “newly added 20,000 primary and secondary school degrees” for three consecutive years.
In addition, in terms of promoting the continuous improvement of education and teaching, Beijing uses the reform of the high -quality basic education system with digitalization as an entry point for the reform of education evaluation with the reform of the high -quality basic education system.Stage education and teaching reform.Recently, a new model of “Global Teaching and Research” has also been launched to better give play to the professional support of teaching and research on basic education, and gradually build a new pattern of teaching and research with vertical linkage, horizontal collaboration, professional efficiency, and strong support to support the high -quality development of basic education in the capital.
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