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Let the children smash toys by themselves, "Education Experts" rough home visits are controversial, and the local education bureau responds

Recently, many “educational experts” interviewed students to blame students to “play with the mind” and asked students to throw or smash the videos of their beloved toys to become popular.The “educational expert” also punished students under the name of “incomplete education without punishment” and asked parents to install monitoring in the student’s room.

From the school, the Green Heroes learned that the “educational expert” was called Zhao Juying, a retired Chinese teacher and class teacher of Yingbin Road Primary School, Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province.

Interestingly, Zhao Juying has repeatedly called “not English” in his book, but has obtained a certificate from many English countries.

She claims to be a dual lecturer in the Certified Family School of the Certificate of Factory of the United States.In addition, she is a senior psychological counselor in Satia in the United States and a senior psychological counselor of Tong Yujuan painting in Taiwan.As early as September 15, 2017, the Qualification Certificate of Psychological Counselor was canceled.

Some netizens said that Zhao Juying was not a retired teacher promoted in the video, but was “dismissed”.In response, the staff of the Education Bureau of Jiayuguan City responded to Jiomu reporters that Zhao Juying retired from a primary school in the city in 2023. The Education Bureau will intervene in the investigation on the issues reported by netizens.

On April 28, 2024, the Central Network Information Office specially issued a notice to deploy a two -month special operation of the two -month “clear -and -blow illegal information external link”.It clearly pointed out that the rectification of the pseudo -identity background, the release of information such as pseudo -successful studies, pseudo -national studies, “health courses”, and financial techniques to induce netizens to add friends and join the group to implement fraud.

According to the information of the enterprise, Zhao Juying is currently the general manager of Luzhou Summer Light Cultural Media Co., Ltd.The company was established in April 2022, and its operating scope includes “education consulting services” and “primary and secondary school -school out -of -school hosting services”.The company’s insured in 2022 was 0.

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Original title: “Let the children smash toys by myself,” Education Experts “Rough Home Visit Disputes, Local Education Bureau A response”

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