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[Observation of Ecological Environment Week] The United States launches the most stringent automotive emission standards in history; Britain’s investment over 10 million hopes to help push carbon and

[[[[[Ecological Environment Weekly Observation.It is a special weekly newspaper product owned by titanium media. It aims to present the most important policies, events, discussions, and data of the weekly global ecological environment in front of readers. Use the most authentic and cutting -edge information to capture small and important changes around us.Global is also cool and hot, and the vision lits the future.


Beijing strives to account for 25% of green power

According to China News Network, on March 19, Yin Yong, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, stated at the theme meeting of the New National Office that it will actively and steadily promote carbon peak carbon neutralization, continuously optimize the energy structure, expand the scale of green power in the outer outer green power.Strive for 25%of green power.

Henan released the carbon peak operation plan for the steel industry

According to a report released by Henan Daily on March 18, the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Henan Ecological Environment Department recently issued the “Henan Steel Industry Carbon Peak Action Plan”, which proposed to speed up to speed upEstablish a modern steel industry system, comprehensively improve the efficiency of energy resource utilization in the steel industry, and promote the green low -carbon transformation and upgrading of the steel industry in Henan Province.By 2025, realizing the industrial structure and production method of the steel industry in Henan Province will achieve significant results. The comprehensive energy consumption of tons of steel will be reduced by more than 2%.The carbon dioxide emissions of the industry reached the peak.

The United States launches the most stringent automotive emission standards in history

On March 21, local time, the US government issued the restrictions of exhaust emission restrictions.According to the regulations, the average emissions of the vehicle will be reduced by nearly half by 2026; by 2032, the upper limit of the carbon dioxide emissions of the tail bronchium is 85 grams per mile.This provision aims to curb pollutants for vehicles and light trucks. It is called “the strictest emission standards in the history of the United States”. Some institutions are expected to quickly increase the sales of pure electricity and plug -in hybrid models.

Britain’s investment in more than 10 million supports artificial intelligence in the field of carbon neutrality

According to dual carbon intelligence reports, on March 19, local time, the British Energy Security and Net Zero Emissions Department announced the investment of 1.73 million pounds (about 15.74 million yuan) to support British innovative development artificial intelligence technology to help reduce carbon emissions and accelerate to accelerateRenewable energy and improving energy efficiency.The project -funded projects are concentrated on the production transportation and distribution of electricity, transportation of transportation and renewable energy power generation, and renewable energy.


my country’s first hydrogen energy city trains successfully tested the speed

According to Xinhua News Agency, on March 21, the first domestic hydrogen energy city trains independently developed by CRRC Changke Co., Ltd. conducted a test test in the CRRC test line in train uses a distributed hybrid energy supply solution for multi -energy storage and polyhydrous hydrogen energy systems. At the same time, the hydrogen -electric hybrid energy management strategy and control system independently developed by CRRC. The maximum range can reach 1,000 kilometers.above.

my country’s first hydrogen -to -hydrogenation integrated station standard release

According to the news released by China Energy Network on March 19, in order to promote the development of the domestic hydrogen energy transportation industry and solve the standard gap in the current construction of hydrogen and hydrogen and hydrogen and hydrogen, the Chinese Petrochemical United Nations has released the number one in China.The group standard of “Technical Guide of Hydrogen Making Hydrogen and Hydrogenation Station”.

The first overseas returning domestic green power project will start in June this year

According to reports released by on March 21, the largest new energy project in Southeast Asia, the 1 -million -kilowatt photovoltaic project of China -Guangzhou Nuclear Laos Phase 1 Phase 1, is expected to officially start construction in June this year, becoming the first overseas clean energy base for power to return to China.Zhang Chaoqun, president of China -Guangzhou Nuclear Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd., said that the project has completed the preliminary preparations at the moment, and it is expected that at the same time, it will start at the same time as the Southern Power Grid 500 kV transmission lines, and match the grid conveying channel.

The first domestic carbon information disclosure group standards

According to the news released by the China Energy News on March 19, in order to make corporate carbon information data disclosure more standard, the China Certification and Accreditation Association’s exit management, the Zhixi Standard Standard Center organized, and the China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Fourth Research Institute) The “Guidelines and Evaluation Guidelines for Enterprise Carbon Information Compliance Disclosure and Evaluation” in joint preparation was recently established. This is the first domestic standard for disclosure specifically for carbon information.

The shell plan is planned to leave thousands of gas stations within two years

According to interface news reports, on March 19, shell issuance released news, saying that the retail network is being upgraded, expanding electric vehicle charging and convenient services to cope with changing customer needs.And said that in the future, it will focus on public charging piles.


World Meteorological Organization: In 2023, a number of climate change indicators “alarm”