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October Derby: Goal Record in Celtic vs. Rangers Clash

Unforgettable Sports Moments: Anniversaries, Records, and More – Recalling the Historic Goal Record in the Celtic vs. Rangers Derby. In a memorable match, Celtic triumphed with a resounding 7-1 victory over Rangers, and the club’s fans celebrated this remarkable achievement through a timeless song.

It was a day that has gone down in the history of Scottish soccer. On October 19, 1957, Celtic Glasgow and Glasgow Rangers faced off in the final of the Scottish League Cup.

The derby at Hampden Park turned into an object lesson for Rangers. The fact that the score was “only” 2-0 for Celtic at halftime after goals from Sammy Wilson and Neil Mochan was still lucky from Rangers’ point of view, because Celtic hit the post twice.

But after the break, things went from strength to strength. Celtic striker Billy McPhail scored three goals on his own. Mochan added two more. And Willie Fernie scored the final goal for the club on a penalty kick in the 90th minute.

October Derby: Goal Record in Celtic vs. Rangers Clash

The fact that Billy Simpson scored to make it 1:3 for Rangers in the interim was of no consequence in the end. Celtic won 7:1, the clearest result in the history of the Old Firm.

Celtic supporters have also celebrated their victory with the fan-favorite anthem “Hampden in the Sun,” a musical homage to the occasion. The melody for this anthem is borrowed from Harry Belafonte’s “Island in the Sun.”

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