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Open in the second half of the year!These commercial complexs of Qujiang will be unveiled!

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Enter 2024

Construction of multiple key business projects in Qujiang New District

Enter the final sprint stage

Merchants go hand in hand and open up their horsepower

It is expected to be in the second half of this year

These commercial complexs of Qujiang will be unveiled!


【Xi’an Vientiane City】

Xi’an Vientiane City has a total construction area of 565,000 square meters, including Vientiane City Shopping Center, International Hotel, International Apartment, Grade A office building and other formats. It has entered the final sprint stage of construction.It will open in the fourth quarter of this yearEssenceThe project is defined as “unprecedented phenomenal -level Vientiane City”, which will introduce more than 200 northwestern first stores and flagship stores and cover well -known global restaurants.As of now, more than 95%of the global first -line international brands have been settled in global first -line international brands in clothing, watches, and cosmetics.

[Qujiang Metapark (Mangta District)]

As the core supporting facilities of Qujiang Gaming Industrial Park, Qujiang Metapark (Manta District) covers an area of 44.03 acres, with a total construction area of about 158,000 square meters. It will build 6 towers and 28,000 square meters of commercial business.The commercial part covers the formats of trendy retail, specialty catering, and entertainment experience. It is committed to satisfying the surrounding “15 -minute life social circle” and stimulating the vitality of the industrial development of the second phase of Qujiang New District.As of now, the project has determined the introduction of domestic fresh chain supermarkets, internationally renowned coffee chain brands and fast food brands.It is expected to open in the second half of the yearEssence

Since this year, Qujiang New District has been with

“Eight Breakthroughs” is the starting point

Create the integration of consumer consumption scenarios for cultural business travel

Work hard to make Qujiang New District as

Important support of the province’s trillion -level cultural tourism industry


Cultural Tourism Consumption “Break Circle”

Inject momentum for urban business

Earlier this year, Qujiang Shang comprehensive ushered in “opening the door”!Sales and passenger flow achieve “dual growth”.According to statistics, during the Spring Festival holiday in 2024, the sales of major commercial complexes in Qujiang New District totaling a total of 214 million yuan, an increase of 30.4%year -on -year; the total passenger flow was 3.298 million, a year -on -year increase of 42.5%.

At the same time that the existing commercial is hot, more new business projects in Qujiang New District are ready to go.November 14, 2023,Xi’an Taikoo Li ProjectStarting has caused public attention.This is an important cooperation between Taikoo Li and Qujiang New District. The two parties will further explore the industrial ecological cluster of “new business”, “new creativity” and “new fashion”, and jointly create new landmarks in cultural tourism that is reflected in history and modernity.

Xi’an Taikoo Li project renderings

January 22 日,Xi’an Cultural Tourism Center projectFor full cap, in the future, we will also inject rich and diverse formats to create vertical urban complexes for the integration of the cultural tourism industry.In addition, highly noticedXi’an Vientiane CityThe construction progress is changing, and it will become a new generation of Vientiane City in the west.After the project is open, it will become an important support for the commercial flagship and the construction of international consumer center cities with the commercial flagship and international consumer center.

Xi’an Cultural Tourism Center project

The organic updates of the History and Culture Area of the Xiaoyan Pagoda and the cultural neighborhood of the Yi customs club have allowed many phenomenon -level businesses to advance to the “track” of Xi’an, and further verify the value of urban investment.For a long time, Qujiang New District has promoted the “break” of cultural tourism consumption, creating the integrated consumption scenario of cultural and business travel, and also brings more imagination and derivative effects to Xi’an lifestyle and concepts.

As the carrying place of Xi’an Shengtang culture

It is the pioneer of Cheng Tang Qijin to create “Night Xi’an”

Qujiang New District has 区

Unique location advantages and industrial advantages

Already formed your ownCharacteristic business environment

Attract the entry of many business and brandsBleak


Policy and culture

Improving the strength of business investment


The ACT block of Qujiang Intime B, which will open on May 1 this year, has recently become a hot topic. In the future, many well -known brandsThe first store will also be stacked to settle inEssenceAs early as the end of last year, there were 39 “first stores” of the country, northwest and cities in Qujiang New District, and the “first store economy” in the region exceeded 300 …

For a long time, Qujiang New District has shown a positive attitude towards new brands, new things, and new lives. In order to vigorously develop the “first store economy”, the “Qujiang New District Promoting High -quality Development Measures to Promote High -quality Development”, “Qujiang New DistrictSupport several measures such as “headquarters” enterprises and “five -up” enterprises with high -quality development “and other beneficiary policies,Support well-known domestic and foreign brands, the “first shop”, settled in Qujiang New District, and gave 100,000 to 1 million first store rewards.

In addition, Qujiang New District also takes the international “Golden Key” service as the lead to create first -class government services and create the bestBusiness environmentEssence

Not only that, Qujiang New District is unique“Cultural atmosphereIt is also an important reason for merchants.”The close connection between our northwest store and historical and cultural monuments is an ideal environment for us to advocate and promote the lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle. It is also very consistent with our brand cultural characteristics ‘represented by traditional culture’.”Tea’STONE teamexpress.

The “preference” of the first store is inseparable from the unique business environment of Qujiang New District. In Qujiang New District,The operating model of “Business+Scenic Area” has led the new trend of consumers “shopping+tourism”.The business in the Qujiang Scenic Area not only has the scenic spot that can support the drainage as a backing, but also a “culture” to drive business with culture and make the first stores more secure and distinctive.

Next, Qujiang New District will continue

Create a first -class business environment

Further improve the relevant policies to promote the development of the comprehensive production industry industry

Further accelerate the construction of the business district, prosper the market, and promote consumption

Help Da Xi’an construction

National Central Cities and Promoting Internationalization

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