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People who do not exercise often, what should they pay attention to when they first exercise?

The Beijing Winter Olympics was about to open in 2022, and everyone’s sports passion was also ignited.
Those who do not often exercise can remember four sentences when they first exercise: reasonable exercise, suitable for themselves is important; assault exercise, beware of the body to eat; correctly start, step by step high; muscle soreness, correct relief is effective.
Move, are you ready?
Exercise can enhance cardiopulmonary function, activate the immune system, and improve the mental state is a activity that has many benefits to the body.But when the people are preparing to start exercise for a long time, many people are confused about how to go through the discomfort of the beginning and make exercise a habit.
When friends are worried about their bloated figure or complained for scarce physical strength, if the idea of “that movement” flashes in mind at this time, you can first like yourself.Calm down to choose a suitable exercise for yourself, to spend the initial transition state steadily and smoothly, love and persist, you will find a kind of healthy and positive and optimistic new lifestyle open your arms and walk towards youEssence
1 Reasonable exercise, suitable for yourself is important
Make exercise a habit is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and the habit is a behavior that needs to be gradually developed in a long period of time.
First, before the movement starts, spend some time to consider which sport you are as hobbies.Interest is the best teacher. Choosing a sport that you like can undoubtedly strengthen your body while satisfying your hobbies.Hobbies make persistence easier, and persistence makes hobbies more professional.
Second, choose your own health status and basic diseases.People of different ages should choose sports that match their own heart and lung body. The elderly should not choose sports with strong outbreaks. Diabetes patients are more suitable for medium -intensity and aerobic and metabolism.
Third, the appropriate sports projects should be easy to obtain in accordance with their own environment and surrounding facilities.The lack of objective environment and facilities will bring resistance to the persistence of sports habits.
2 assault exercise, beware of the body, you can’t eat it
Many sports enthusiasts have shown great enthusiasm in the early stage of exercise, not only have great exercise intensity, but also have long exercise time.As everyone knows, a large number of sports will face a huge test of the original calm body.In part, muscle glycogen reserves cannot adapt to sudden increased motion loads in a short period of time, and a large amount of oxygen yeasting affects the performance of motion.The existing number and length of muscle fiber, the toughness of the tendon and the structure of the bones are difficult to quickly cope with the sudden increase in force or speed requirements, and the overload exercise exceeds the tolerance threshold of muscle, tendon and bones, which can cause muscle and tendon to pull pulling.Injury or stress fractures, especially when sufficient warm -up activities before exercise, the huge exercise strength can even lead to various sports damage.
3 Start correctly, step by step
Correctly starting exercise can effectively activate the body’s potential and gradually adapt to the exercise strength.Following the objective laws of biology and physical exercise in the human body, it will gradually improve its level of exercise.
First, fully warm up before each exercise.The purpose of warm -up is to gradually enter the motion state of the body’s nervous system, respiratory system, circulation system, and movement system.Sports require a highly tacit cooperation of the nervous system and sports system to achieve faster speed and greater power.
The maintenance of this state of movement requires the cooperation of the respiratory system and circulating system to ensure the timely discharge of the sufficient amount of supply and metabolic waste in oxygen and nutrients.The step -by -step process allows the body to gradually “smoothly” the consistent pace of the body’s system, which can reduce the discomfort or disease caused by the disobedience of each organ function, and finally achieve the best motion state.
Second, exercise training follows the principle of “excess recovery”, and strengthens a small step on the basis of each exercise. During the next recovery process, the body will improve the corresponding physiological function to adapt to a stronger level of exercise.
4 muscle soreness, correct relief to be effective
Many sports enthusiasts have experienced muscle soreness after exercise. This is a common phenomenon, called delayed muscle soreness.Delayed muscle soreness often occurs after a new exercise or exercise intensity suddenly increases.Delayed muscle soreness can lead to a reduction in joint activity, reduced muscle contraction force, and tenderness.Most delayed muscle soreness generally occurs in 12 to 24 hours after exercise, reaches peaks from 24 to 48 hours, and can be relieved and disappeared by itself for 3 to 7 days.
At present, there is no effective way to treat delayed muscle soreness, and the method of avoiding its negative impact is to prevent it.Methods include sufficient warm -up before exercise, reasonably evaluating the accepted exercise intensity, relaxation after exercise, and formulating progressive and persistent sports plans.
Movement is beneficial, and expensive insistence,
More movement is better, appropriate.
(Source: Healthy China)
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