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Play new tricks again, the perspective sense single product Korean blogger’s hand!

Look backtwenty fourIt is not difficult for us to find that major brands are blowing a strong perspective fashion trend.,,The long -disappeared tulle element slowly returned to the fashion stage!

(Source sourceVogueOfficial website)

Such elegant and thin materials show a kind of ethereal and dreamy fashion directionIn daily life, this year’s spring and summer sprit -transmitting top is also played by Korean bloggers.Today, let’s come into this romance that is alone in the spring and summer season!

Proper skin transparent tops can make the overall shape more layered and achieve a thin effect. The lower body is matched with jeans or skirts, and different combinations show different styles.

South Korean blogger Song Zhiya, an see -through black top with a black vest, shows a wonderful figure. The looming of the skin -transparent clothing is now a generous and confident charm.

(Picture Yuan Xiahongshu@ @Sparrowbulu.

Some time ago“Fart curtain” is essentially a type of see -through feeling. The tulle material is looming.This set of wearing combines the two most popular elements in South Korea. The sense of perspective has a small blue suspender outside the shirt, and wears light blue jeans with lace “fart curtain”.getEssence

(Picture Yuan Xiaohongshu@(红)

Lace seeing a girch, bothThe role of “fart curtain” is also well modified, revealing fresh small sexy, with small camisole and slightly wide -leg pants, sweet and stylish.

(Picture Yuan Xiaohongshu@(红)

The semi -permeable mesh creates a sense of hot girl atmosphere. The black is thin and sexy. With a half -body white skirt, a pure desire atmosphere is added.“Waste soil wind”, a girl standing at the cusp, keeps closely following the trend of fashion.

(Picture Yuan Xiahongshu@EptisonClothing Tiancheng)

I heard that the see -through sensor can be cute and retro?The loose sweater version of the mesh top is casual and casual, and even less picked. It is tolerant. The mesh is also high -density and slightly translucent, which is more suitable for leisure.

(Picture Yuan Xiahongshu@EptisonClothing Tiancheng)

Japanese sweet -free skin -transmitting tops are more suitable for daily wear, and they are suitable for shopping and commuting. It is just right to expose skin degrees, creating a gentle and lightness, adding a little looming small sexy.

(Picture Yuan Xiahongshu@ @Looking for bee style)

This set of perspective tulle shirts, the shirt is officially dignified, the tulle fabric adds a bit of elegance to the shirt.Wear, set off a more mental temperament.

(Picture Yuan Xiahongshu@XUDALIANXu Da face)

The black long model is full of cool leadership, elegant and domineering temperament, and has the charm of alienation.The tulle long shirt itself is light and cool, with a slightly perspective and careful machine, with a black inside, a black long skirt, the aura is full!

(Picture Yuan Xiahongshu@Doneed.

Spring and summer exclusive small sexy, slightly translucent tops stacked with suspenders, showing women’s soft body, major brand shows have already released this charming popular signal, while in the spring and summerYour fashion blogger~

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