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President of the World Academy of Sciences Qurasha Abdulharim: Continue to deepen cooperation with China to promote human progress in a safe and stable environment

  China News Service, April 25 (Reporter Du Yan) The opening ceremony of the 2024 Zhongguancun Forum Annual Meeting and plenary meeting held on the 25th that this year’s forum was held on the 25th that this yearThe theme is “Innovation: Build a Better World”. This theme can be described as at the same time. We are fulfilling the goal of sustainable development, promoting the development of technological science, and promoting the realization of sustainable development.We live in an increasingly complicated world. At present, many threats are intertwined with each other. We have a lot of work to do. Science and technology and innovation play a vital role in accelerating the goal of sustainable development.

  She said that this forum aims to promote future sustainable development by establishing partnership and promoting cooperation in the future. It also provides a platform for all participants to explore new ways to achieve the goal of sustainable development of the United Nations, and create and create.Everyone has the opportunity to give full play to its own potential and ensure the global health and safety world.

  Qurasha Abdul Carim said that there is a long -term cooperation between the World Academy of Sciences and China.The two sides have a common vision, that is, to promote sustainable development through science and technology and innovation, especially to promote the development of low -income countries and backward science and technology countries.These efforts to cultivate scientific culture, promote cooperation between the country, narrow the gap between talent skills, and create a mutually beneficial learning environment.The World Sciences hopes to continue to deepen cooperation with China.

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