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Shenzhen Longhua: The international influence of "Core Fashion City"

On March 19, 2024 Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Week opened in Shenzhen Longhua.


It is understood that the event lasted for 4 days, and more than 20 Italian fashion brands gathered in Shenzhen. Shuangcheng linkage showed wonderful events such as international shows, cross -border exhibitions, professional events, trendy collection, and theme forums.


In recent years, the “Fashion Metropolis Core” new brand is becoming a gathering place for international and domestic fashion industries in the Shenzhen Longhua District, which has been annotated in the urban characteristics of fashion.



“Fashion Week” important contractor


It is understood that this year’s Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Week brings together the industrial advantages of the three districts of Longhua, Nanshan, and Futian. The overall includes the 2024 Shenzhen Design Week series brand activity system.Reconstruction and reconstruction are committed to integrating the design activities and creative design resources of the entire city throughout the city.


Chinese women’s clothing looks at Shenzhen, Shenzhen women’s clothing looks at big waves.


As an important host of this fashion week, Longhua District has unique advantages and characteristics.The Longhua venue series activities are mainly carried out in Dalang Fashion Town and Guanlan Printing Village.Among them, Dalang Fashion Town, as the only fashion characteristic town in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, has combined the two major advantages of fashion trends and emerging industries.Many companies and nearly a thousand design talents at home and abroad.


It is worth mentioning that Martfill’s “Gaudi” style building has become a fashion landmark for Longhua and even Shenzhen; the designer brand HUI from Longhua has appeared in Milan Fashion Week 14 this year to show the oriental style and Shenzhen charm.Essence


Bird’s view of Dalang Fashion Town


Yizhi Hui New Relief Art Museum

Guanlan Printing Village, which is also located in Longhua District, is one of the top ten Hakka villages in Shenzhen. It has a history of hundreds of years and has now been built into a national printmaking industry base.The Village of Guanlan Printmark not only maintains the original rural style of the original ecology, but also has a strong humanistic atmosphere and artistic atmosphere.At that time, the modern atmosphere of Fashion Week “met” the artistic atmosphere of Guanlan Printing Village, the “chemical reactions” generated will definitely make people shine.


At the same time, in the fields of home decoration, fashion culture and other fields, Longhua District also has a number of industry leading enterprises and well -known brands such as Fuanna, Belle, Quanmai era, and Xiangli mahogany.


Guanlan Print Village


During the four -day fashion week, Longhua District carefully created a activity system with 15 fashion shows, 7 industrial docking meetings and multiple Showroom Art Exhibitions, and Fashion Lab as the main content system.The fashion attitude and fashion forces of “diverse gathers, the United States and the United States and the United States” brought a creative and fashionable feast to the world’s audiences.


This fashion week, Longhua District unveiled in Dalang Fashion Town to set up Longhua’s first Showroom to provide special platforms for fashion brands, buyers, and ordering.Brand introduction.


In addition, it will also carry out 7 industrial docking and exchange meetings including Italian high -end fabrics with Chinese high -end women’s clothing brands, the Italian China Council Foundation Foundation Meeting Meeting, and actively build a communication bridge between Shenzhen Longhua and Italy.Chaoyang and other industries in the provinces, cities, and regions that have a collaborative relationship with Longhua have strengthened foreign exchanges and cooperation.In particular, the comprehensive service platforms that will fully integrate the resource advantages of Longhua and other regions, build a comprehensive service platform from all aspects of the procurement, design and development, to the logistics, finance and other industries, and promote the complementary and complementary and complementary industrial advantages of Italy, tourism, culture and other industries.Common development and make every effort to promote the upstream and downstream industries of international brands to Longhua and settle in Shenzhen.


Fashion Week’s Futian Branch and Nanshan Branch will also highlight their respective advantages and take their own strengths.Among them, Futian has set up the “1+5” venue, bringing together the works of top international designers, and holding high -level custom shows, Shenzhen brand shows, domestic first -line women’s clothing shows, international trendy clothing shows, international sports and buyer clothing shows and pop shows, etc.EssenceNanshan District will hold the “Shenzhen Milan Double City Emerging Fashion Art Exhibition” in the ancient city of Nantou, which will be connected into a unique fashion roaming route.


“High -quality” aggregate fashion element


The four -day 2024 Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Week set up a bridge for people from all walks of life.


The opening ceremony of the combination of traditional culture and scientific and technological innovation.FESTI Group, the internationally renowned performance team, carefully created the creative art performance of “Art and Nature”, presented in Guanlan Printing Village in Longhua District.”Art and Nature” takes the cultural journey through the Silk Road as the main body, and uses silk scenery, clothing and props to innovate the historical pictures and cultural stories of the East and the West in ancient buildings.In magnificent scenery.


Digital exhibition halls full of technology and interaction.The current fashion Zhou Longhua venue has set up an RRD digital exhibition hall to combine the multimedia technology art exhibition and digital technology, which fully reflects the characteristics of the city of Shenzhen’s scientific and technological innovation.


China -Italian Food Collection -What kind of experience is it to experience food in Fashion Week?Different from other Fashion Week, 2024 Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Zhou Longhua venue will also hold a special market for Chinese and meaningful foods. While watching the show, citizens can also taste trendy food and experience fashion products, regardless of whetherWhether it is food or fashionable, you can find your heart here.


“High -quality” display international impression


The in -depth integration of fashion and industry allows this Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng Fashion Week to “out of the circle” early in the industry.


It is reported that more than 300 people such as buyers and other industries have been invited to the fashion Zhou Longhua venue series, showing the huge influence of the fashion week on the downstream market of the fashion industry chain.In addition, the event also fully driven the linkage of upstream supply chain. The participation of 10 middle -aged companies and 50 domestic supply chain companies showed the key role of Shenzhen Longhua in the fashion industry chain.


The unprecedented scale of foreign response is also the prominent feature of this year’s Shenzhen Milan Shuangcheng fashion Zhou Longhua venue.It is understood that the Fashion Week attracted 120 representatives of 120 representatives from Lunbaidi District, China -Italy Foundation, various fashion associations, brands, and buyers’ associations to fully reflect the extensive position of Shenzhen and Milan in the fashion industry and their cooperation.Attraction.


This fashion week highlighted the establishment of international fashion IP, deeply integrated Chinese culture with international fashion, and jointly created an international creative ceremony by professional art teams at home and abroad.At the same time, the Longhua venue fashion brand show will invite nearly 20 Italian fashion brands and well -known domestic brands to show the integration of fashion and technology through digitalization.In addition, the Longhua venue built makeup, styling, music and other teams in accordance with the Milan International Show Standard. More than 20 international models and many show models from Beijing and Shanghai have invited to participate in the show.week.


The Longhua venue also specially invited the international first -class advertising and art master Lorenzo Marini, the Golden Lion Award of the Cannes International Advertising Festival Golden Lion Award.Lorenzo Marini travels between Milan, Los Angeles and New York all year round. He has a certain position in the international advertising, design, and fashion community. He also showed his works at the internationally renowned Venice Biennale and Miami Basel Art Exhibition.


Italian artist Lorenzo Marini


“Impact” gains in the gain


At present, Italy is China’s fourth largest trading partner in the European Union, and China is the largest trading partner of Italy in Asia.Related clothing trade in the fashion field is an important part of China -Italian trade exchanges.


As one of Italy’s largest metropolitan city and the world’s largest metropolitan area, Milan is also the most influential city of the world’s fashion and design capital, and the Milan Fashion Week, one of the four famous fashion weeks.”Barometer” of World Fashion Design and Consumption.As an important fashion capital in southern China, Shenzhen’s modern fashion industry has also made a high progress all the way, becoming a dazzling business card.


The fashion and cultural exchanges between Shenzhen and Milan can also follow.In 2018, Shenzhen and Milan formed a friendly exchange city. In the past five years, the two sides have been deepening in exchanges in fashion design, culture, tourism and other fields.Shenzhen has participated in Milan Fashion Week for 4 consecutive years. The first international promotion meeting of the 2022 Shenzhen Design Week and the Global Design Award was successfully held in Milan, Italy, and the cooperation between the two sides continued to deepen.


In recent years, the Shenzhen Fashion Industry Exhibition has gathered together and has gathered.Especially this year, the Shenzhen brand “group out of the sea”, many fashion brands in Shenzhen have appeared in the 2024 autumn and winter Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, injecting fresh oriental style and Shenzhen charm for the international show.


The outstanding achievements of Shenzhen in the fashion industry have benefited from the attention and cultivation of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.Especially in June 2022, the modern fashion industry was included in the “20+8” industry cluster in Shenzhen.Shenzhen proposed that starting from the aspects of digital transformation, core technology research, creative design capabilities, and the fashion consumption environment, to promote the construction of modern fashion industry clusters. In 2025, the value -added of the modern fashion industry reached 42 billion yuan, forming “Shenzhen Design”The high -end supply of “Shenzhen Brand” and “Shenzhen Products”.