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Spring blooming vitality exercise ignition passion

In order to implement the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise, in the past few days, kindergartens in various schools in our district have made children “move” through their own characteristics and colorful sports activities!Let the exercise “heat” up!

Peace eleven young

A few days ago, “My Sports, I am healthy, and I am a happy Xiaojian general” -The Heping Eleven Young Class Spring Parent -Child Games will open, so that children and parents can enjoy the happy time of childhood, and hope to leave the children in this way for a period of time.The most precious and unforgettable memories.

The purpose of this activity is to allow parents to participate in kindergarten education through this parent -child sports meeting, enhance the emotional communication between parents and children, strengthen the understanding and communication between teachers and parents, create a civilized, healthy, lively, and harmonious campus.Cultural life, realize home -school education.

Tianjin No. 2 Yaohua Middle School

A few days ago, Tianjin No. 2 Yaohua Middle School ushered in the Spring Fun Games in 2024. The teachers and classmates gathered the green field together, worked together, worked together, let go of their mood, and experience sports fun.

The color flags are fluttering on the sports field, the teachers and students are neatly queued, full of spirit and spirit.The national flag guards guarded the five -star red flag solemnly. The school flag, grade flag and grade square matrix were displayed in turn. The students shouted the bright and neat slogans, and walked through the podium in order.

With the start of the competition, the students who participated in the competition took the best status and put them into the competition project.Ability, the cheerleaders on the stands are cheering for the players with the most enthusiastic cheers.The players laughed with full enthusiasm and physical fitness, and the youth sweat in the sun.

Planning: Weng Hao Fuyu

Photo: Jiang Jie, Zhang Yumeng

Camera: Xie Wenlong

Late: Jiang Jie

Supervision: Li Jinglu Chenggang

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