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Strengthen the protection and publicity of financial consumer rights and interests

Original title: Strengthen the Propaganda Education and Promotion of Rights and Integas of Financial Consumers

Promoting the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers’ rights and interests solidly, related to the vital interests of each consumer, and also related to financial security and social stability. It is necessary to do unremittingly to help financial consumers better protect their “money bags”.

“Hello, you have a free 100,000 yuan medical critical illness insurance that has not received …” Not long ago, a citizen received a call from a self -claiming insurance company staff. At the beginning, she didn’t bother, but after a few days after a few days,I can receive a similar phone call, and I also frequently receive a prompt message from the insurance company. When I think of the medical insurance I have previously insured, I am worried that I will miss the “free lunch”.In order to eliminate her doubts, the reporter first searched the call call number on the Internet and found that it was often marked as fraud or harassment. Carefully verified that the free insurance was often full of routines.A little carelessness will not only leak important information such as ID numbers, but also face the risk of financial loss.

At the moment when the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers is increasingly important, the publicity of financial education cannot be relaxed for a moment.Therefore, relevant financial departments and institutions must continue to carry out multi -level, multi -channel, and multi -form educational propaganda activities.The business district has continuously expanded the coverage of education and propaganda, strives to leave dead ends without leaving dead ends, and creates a harmonious and healthy financial consumption environment.

In recent years, the financial system has thoroughly implemented the concept of “finance for the people”, launched a series of products and services of the people and the people, formulated a package of policy measures to protect consumer rights and interests, and investigated a group of typical cases of infringing consumer interests. FinanceConsumer equity protection has achieved obvious phased effects.Recently, every day on the “March 15” International Consumer Rights Day, the majority of financial institutions actively carried out a series of activities for the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumer rights and interests, publicized financial policies, reminded financial risks, advocated the concept of rational investment, and strived to enhance people’s financial services for the people.Convenience, accessibility and sense of gain.

The popularization of financial knowledge and financial consumer education is a systematic and basic work. It requires all parties to work together to work together.On the one hand, relevant departments and institutions must vigorously popularize financial knowledge, continue to do a good job of policy propaganda, start from the issues that the masses are most concerned about, start with the most needed knowledge of the people, help consumers correctly understand financial products and services, improve identification of various typesThe platform induces investment and false illegal advertising.On the other hand, we must strengthen the guiding consumer scientific and rational investment, help them enhance risk responsibility, rational consumption and value investment awareness, guide consumers to carefully read the contract when purchasing financial products or apply for loans, Risk assessment and other important links.In addition, it is necessary to actively publicize the diversified solution mechanism of financial disputes, enhance consumers ‘awareness, participation and recognition of mediation work, and improve consumers’ rights to protect their rights in accordance with the law.

As a financial consumer, in the increasingly complex and changeable financial environment, it is critical to know how to ensure the security of personal funds and choose financial products suitable for their own needs.For common financial product deposits, insurance, and wealth, each product has its own characteristics and risks. Consumers should choose the products that suits them according to their own economic conditions and risks.At the same time, purchasing financial products through legitimate channels is the key to ensuring capital security.Nowadays, payment methods are becoming increasingly diversified. Whether online payment or offline transactions, consumers need to be vigilant to ensure the safety and reliability of the payment environment, avoid using unknown payment tools to prevent fraud risk.In particular, we must strengthen the awareness of personal information protection, and to properly keep sensitive information such as ID documents and bank accounts. It cannot be easily leaked to others.

The comprehensive protection of the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers is not only closely related to the security of the people’s property, but also the inherent needs of the financial industry to maintain its own stable operation.Promoting the protection of the rights and interests of the rights and interests of financial consumers is solidly promoted, and the vital interests of each consumer are also related to financial security and social stability. We must always be unremitting to help financial consumers better protect their “money bags”.(King’s view.