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Tencent Cloud and the Society of Society reached a strategic cooperation to promote the high -quality development of artificial intelligence education for young people

On May 7th, the Shanghai Citizens Office of the Association of Hedo and the Bilingual Shangyin School (hereinafter referred to as the “Sympathetic Monk”) and Tencent Cloud officially reached a strategic cooperation. In the field of artificial intelligence, the two parties will focus on promoting the cognition and understanding of young people, and cultivate their innovation.Thinking and practical skills, in -depth cooperation around scientific and technological innovation education and stimulating youth potential, to promote the high -quality development of artificial intelligence education for young people.
In 2004, the Xie Monk Yin School was affiliated to the Shanghai Union Education Center.The school has always adhered to the educational concept of integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and is committed to providing balanced and high -quality education.In recent years, as a seed school for projects in Shanghai, the Yin Yin has taken the lead in the cultivation of students’ training goals to the future core literacy cultivation.
As a digital assistant in all walks of life, Tencent Cloud has a wealth of experience and technical advantages in artificial intelligence education in youth, and has created a series of youth artificial intelligence education solutions. It has been applied to various cities across the country in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wenzhou and other cities.
Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has become a key force to promote social progress.The two sides expect to lay a good foundation for the cultivation of artificial intelligence -top talents with innovative spirit and practical ability through this deep strategic cooperation, and actively promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology and modern education and teaching.
The cooperation between the Yin Yin and Tencent Cloud in the field of artificial intelligence in the youth covers the construction of teachers, environmental construction, competition support, and project practice.Deeper and large -scale applications.
Having a good professional technology team is the key to cultivating artificial intelligence “high disciples”.Tencent Cloud will provide the Tencent’s Yin Yue Yin Yin Yin’s artificial intelligence education platform related training, starting from the professional literacy of teachers, comprehensively improving the professional level and teaching ability of front -line teachers to use the professional level and teaching ability of smart platforms to help learn and build a high -quality teacher team in a new era.Vigorously promote the “wisdom, assistance to teachings, wisdom research, and intelligence.”
In order to allow students to apply for it and focus on curriculum development and project practice, Tencent Cloud will provide professional artificial intelligence education software platform resources, and provide technical support for the development of practical courses for the development of the Society.At the same time, the two parties will also encourage and support students to participate in more artificial intelligence projects, and Tencent Cloud will also provide project guidance and technical support.
In the future, Tencent Cloud will strengthen the innovative application of artificial intelligence in the field of education, cooperate with various educational subjects, continuously expand the supply of intelligent education services, and improve the quality and effect of young artificial intelligence education.(Xianning News Network)
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