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The management measures of the National Health Emergency Team

  Our newspaper, Beijing, March 24 (Reporter Shen Shaotie) Reporter recently learned that: the National Health and Health and Prevention Administration and other three departments have recently jointly issued the “Administrative Measures for the National Health Emergency Team”, which requires further strengthening and regulating national health emergency emergency responseTeam management work to improve the ability of emergencies and disposal of emergencies.The management measures are clear in terms of team management. The minimum number of players requires the number of players from 30 to 60; the national health emergency team is required to receive various preparations within 2 hours of instructions.

  There are four characteristics of the management measures: improving the national health emergency team system, emphasizing that the health administrative departments of all levels (the competent Chinese medicine department and the competent department of illness and control) must strengthen the construction of health emergency teams; strengthen practical training drills, focus on improving informationThe level of intelligence and intelligence, focus on improving the ability and efficiency of the team’s emergencies; health emergency teams should strengthen medical and defense collaboration, improve medical and defense synergy mechanisms; improve team management.

  In terms of health emergency team management, the team category has increased major epidemic medical emergency on the basis of the original emergency medical rescue category, the prevention and control of emergencies, the disposal of emergencies, nuclear and radiation emergency sanitary emergency categories.Categories and Chinese medicine emergency medical categories, at the same time regulate the minimum standards of various types of teams; new teams participating in the inspection and popularization of emergency medical rescue knowledge and skills to the public; clarify the relevant requirements for guarantee during the implementation of the task;Hygiene emergence.

  According to the requirements of the management measures, the national health emergency team is mainly composed of health emergency managers, medical and health professionals, technical security and logistical support personnel.Emergency management and medical and health professionals have more than 30 people in each team, 1 captain, 2-3 deputy captains, and each team with more than 30 reserve personnel.

  In terms of team functions, emergency medical rescue teams can carry out 20 damage control surgery per day. They can consult 200 emergency and outpatient patients every day, and open 20 -viewing beds, focusing on strengthening trauma treatment capabilities and achieving 14 -day self -guarantee.Major epidemic medical emergency teams can complete laboratory testing of more than 1,000 people per day, and can be diagnosed with 200 outpatient patients every day, and have more than 5 cases of emergency response capabilities of patients with severe infectious diseases.Ability can achieve 10 days of self -guarantee.