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The price reduction of the sports version of the sports version of the Nanning area is coming, with the highest discount of 158,600!Hurry up

In the Nanning Promotion Channel of Car House, we are glad to announce that the models are conducting preferential activities.If you are looking for a luxurious SUV with excellent performance and rich configuration, then this model is definitely worth your attention.At present, the maximum discount of this model in Nanning is 158,600, and the minimum starting price is 233,800.We suggest you click on the “Check car price” in the quotation form to strive for higher discounts.

Land Rover found that the appearance design of the sports version is very powerful and stable. The front face design uses the Land Rover family inlet grille. The wide mid -net is connected to the matrix LED headlights on both sides, showing a strong sense of domineering.The body lines are smooth and powerful, the overall style is calm and atmospheric, showing the noble temperament of the Land Rover brand.The waistline on the side of the body is smooth, the roof lines are smooth, the rear lines are simple and neat, and the overall design has both practicality and aesthetics.In addition, it is found that the sports version is also equipped with a new LED taillight and bumper design, which further enhances the sense of fashion and technology of the vehicle.

Land Rover found that the sports version of the sports version is 4597*1904*1727mm, the wheelbase is 2741mm, the front wheelbus is 1636mm, and the rear wheelbus is 1642mm.The car uses the 235/50 R20 specifications of the front tires and the 235/50 R20 specifications. The tire specifications are relatively large, providing better control and grip.The vehicle side lines are smooth, and the overall shape is stable.The height of the body is high, helping to improve off -road performance.At the same time, the rear wheel distance of the car is slightly longer than the front wheel, and it can provide better driving stability.

Land Rover discovers the sports version of the interior design style is simple and stylish. The overall use of black tone into the main color, with silver trim and wood grain decoration to create a very high -end atmosphere.The steering wheel is made of dermis, which is comfortable with the hand. At the same time, it supports manual up and down and front and back adjustment, allowing drivers to adjust according to their own needs.The size of the central control screen is 11.4 inches. It supports multimedia, navigation and telephone voice recognition control systems. It is easy to operate and responds rapidly.The front and back row are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces for passengers to charge.The front seat also has heating function, and the driver can enjoy a more comfortable driving experience in cold weather.The main and co -pilot seats support the adjustment of front and rear adjustment, back -back adjustment, high and low adjustment, and waist support, allowing drivers and passengers to adjust according to their physical needs.The support ratio of the rear seats is down, increasing the practicality of the vehicle.In general, the interior design of Land Rover found that the interior design of the sports version is very humane and rich in configuration, providing drivers and passengers with a very comfortable driving experience.

The engine of this car is a 2.0T L4 engine with a maximum power of 183 kW and a maximum torque of 365 N · m.It is equipped with a 9 -speed automatic transmission to bring a more flexible driving experience to the driver.This engine can provide strong power output, allowing drivers to feel abundant motivation during driving.At the same time, the high torque output of the engine can also bring smoother acceleration and shift experience.

MLS Football Jersey