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The "Social Pioneer" degree law, defending education fairness in the name of the law

The Ninth Session of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People’s Congress voted on April 26 and passed the “Degree Law”. The New Law was implemented from January 1, 2025.The “Degree Law” replaced the “Degree Regulations” formulated in 2004, which improved the standardized management of the degree from the legal level, and also allowed degree management to keep up with the times.
The Degree Law emphasizes the national attributes of the degree, constructs a basic degree system, clarifies the responsibilities of the subject of the degree management; standardized the approval of the right to grant the degree;In particular, the “Degree Law” strictly regulates the conditions for revoking the degree. The sword refers to the problem of academic incompetence. In the past few years, the experience of governing academic misconduct has been condensed as the law, reflecting the national will and responding to realistic needs.
The degree not only represents the degree of individuals receiving higher education, but the weight of the degree in social competition is getting greater.Fair degree award is an important manifestation of education fairness, while education fairness is the greatest social fairness.The fairness and seriousness of ensuring the degree awarded by the degree is to keep the defense line of social fairness.The previous case that happened to replace college in college, the academic papers of individual people (especially the papers of high officials and wealthy businessmen) were written by the gunner, and even the stars’ self -famous and traffic blessing, so they went to the university to “blasphemy ivory tower” and make trouble to make trouble.Joking such as “Unknown Network” has broken the fairness of Chinese education and harms the academic reputation of Chinese universities.
Times are developing, and the fairness of giving and revoking a degree is increasingly important.Previously, the “Degree Regulations” only established “fraud and pseudo” as the reason for the cancellation of the degree, but the “fraud and fake” belong to the uncertain legal concept, which will lead to insufficient standards for law enforcement.And this time the “Degree Law” clarifies the three red lines that revoke the degree: 1. If the dissertation or practical results are seriously plagiarized, forged, plagiarism, data fraud, etc.Illegal means such as private means and other illegal means obtained an enrollment or graduation certificate; 3. Third, there are other illegal and illegal acts that should not be awarded during the study period.
The three red lines have comprehensively covered the “severe disaster” in recent years: plagiarism, plagiarism, data fraud, replacement of names, and fraud, and have strengthened the management of academic misconduct.Implement the non -dead ends of academic disagreement and “zero tolerance” to ensure the gold content of Chinese degrees.
In addition, at the same time as the “Degree Law” is not academic, it also clearly protects the legitimate rights and interests of degree applicants and degree winners, and emphasizes procedure justice to grant and revoke the degree.The Degree Law clearly stipulates that the degree applicant has objections to the expert review, defense, and the determination of results, and may apply for academic review. The unit must re -organize the expert to review and make a review decision within 30 days;If the decision or decision of the degree may be objected, the degree awarding unit appeals to the degree awarding unit.
It is necessary to use sunny and transparent procedures to ensure that the degree is a public instrument in the world. It is not a tool for manipulating and being used by individual “learning valves”. Universities are not “automatic vending machines for degrees”: with doctoral and master’s academic standards, doctors can be awarded., Master’s degree; academic incompetence such as plagiarism, plagiarism, etc., we must maintain zero tolerance.The Degree Law will defend the fairness of education in the name of law.
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