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The surge in German tourists to Malaysia is expected to continue to grow in 2024

(Berlin, 23rd) Malaysia in Germany, Databadada, Adina Kumarin, said that the number of tourists visiting Malaysia in Germany increased from 57,780 in 2022 to 125,987 in 2023. It is expected that it will be expectedContinue to rise in 2024.

She attributed her expectations to several factors, including the tourism trend of this year and subsequent Europe.

Nuttinbarca Aidina pointed out when the tourism industry exhibitors from Malaysia met in the 2024 Berlin International Tourism Show.

She said that despite the global economic downturn, the number of tourists seeking experience has continued to increase.Obviously, the structure of tourists is changing, because with a young, diverse, and capable new generation of travelers.

“In other words, travel agencies must launch tourism brands that can meet consumers’ different feelings. For example, health, spa, luxury, natural ecological tourism, sports and adventure. All these are essentially personalized.”

Regarding the sustainable development trend of climate change and travel, Adina emphasized that she can foresee that the railway system can not only be mild in the climate in Europe and other parts of the world.