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This Thai princess is not easy: the queen of entertainment all the way until the Dream of the Prime Minister

In the past few days, the Thai princess has a dramatic turnaround.

On February 8th, the Thailand Protection Party nominated Ubolratana Mahidol, the elder sister of the King Wajiralonki, as the party’s prime minister’s candidate and participated in the first election in Thailand in the past five years on March 24.However, on the evening of the same day, the king of Kaiziralon issued a statement saying that the royal family members were not suitable for political positions, and Princess Uvan Lat’s prime minister’s candidate nominated did not match the spirit of the Constitution.The next day, the Thailand Guardian Party issued a statement saying that it would follow the order of the king and cancel the election activity originally scheduled to be held on the 9th.

The princess himself also posted through the social media Instagram. Thanks to the supporters for “love and goodwill in the past day”, I hope Thailand will “move forward.”

Instagram Post on Saturday, The Princess Did Not Directly Mention Her Brother or Her Polictical Hopes, but that more, DS Each OTher Over the Past Day “and Expressed Gratitude for their Support for Her.

On Saturday, she posted on the social media Instagram and did not mention the political expectations of the king or her own, but thanked the supporters for “their love and goodwill in the past day” and thanked them for their support.


Speaking of this princess Wuwen Lat, everyone may not be familiar with it.However, she is a legend. Many Chinese Thai drama fans may have seen her appearance in Thai film and television dramas.

Born in 1951, Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi is the OldEST Child of Thailand’s Beloved Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Born in 1951, Uvan Lat was the eldest daughter of the first king of Thailand.

She Attened The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and after Marrying An American in 1972, She Game Up Her Royal Title. Land in 2001 Andce Again Started Participating in Royal Life.

(After completing his studies in Thailand, Wuwen Lat went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.She married American classmates in 1972, and then gave up her royal titles.After divorce, she returned to Thailand in 2001 to start her royal life again.

The Princess Engages Actively in Social Media and Has Also Starred in Several Thai Movies.

The princess is often active in social media and has participated in many Thai movies.

Princess Ubolratana: Thai Royal to Stand as PM Candidate (VIA BBC)

MS Ubolratana is one of the more column manbers of the royal family. She has starred in movies, sung on stage with a topt group, and is Flamboyantly Fashionable. She Portrays Herself as more down-to-earth and accesible than Other RoyalsThen, then

Wuwenla is particularly active among the royal members.She has participated in many movies and contributed to the popular singer group. She is a veritable “fashion queen”.She also made herself a more affordable royal member.

She was known to be a favourite of her father, The Late King Bhumibol, with Whom She used to sail in the gulf of thailand.

As we all know, she is the favorite child of Thailand’s first king of P., (her who loves sports) has drove a small sailing boat in the Bay of Thailand with her father.

She Began Her Show Business Career in 2003, Starring in a TV DRAMA, and Going on TO Act in Several Other Movies. E Popular Thai Girl Band BND BND BND BND.

In 2003, Wuwenla appeared in a TV series for the first time and started his acting career.In 2018, she performed on the same stage with the Thai women’s group BNK48.

She Also Supports a Number of CHARITIES, in Particular One She Founded Called to Be Number One, Which Aims to Help Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Yelp Young PESCELE ESC’s Escile that you.

At the same time, she was actively engaged in charity and public, and set up a foundation called “Location No. 1” to help young people resist the temptation of drugs.

Princess Ubolratana: The Royal UPending Thai Politics (VIA BBC)

It stands to reason that after Princess Wuwen Lat married the Americans and abandon the royal titles, she became a civilian, and she should be eligible for the Prime Minister.Why did the king’s brother, Princess Wuwa, to prevent her from running for the Prime Minister?

Broadcast on All Thai TV Networks, The Statement Said: “Even Thought She Has RELINQUISHED HER ROYAL TITLES in Writing, She Maintaine and CarRed Herself As a member of the chakri dynasty.

King Waka Laronki announced on the Internet of TV in Thailand, saying: “Although she has abandoned her royal titles in writing, she maintains her status and regards herself as a member of the Thai dynasty.”

“Involvement of A High-RANKING MEMBER of the Royal Family in Politics, in WHATVER WAY, is consider that UR

“From any perspective, the high -level royal members of the royal family have violated national traditions, customs and culture, so they are considered very inappropriate.”

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