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What is the common of the Tianshui of Zibo in Tianshui … What are the burst of tourist cities?Experts revealed

  Langfang, Hebei, is staged in “Thirty -five Middle School” in the theater. Zhang Qinghua, a 58 -year -old tourist, did not expect that at this age, he would watch the drama and see the wet eyes.

  This drama is part of the drama theme park “Only Red Mansion Dream · Drama Phantom City”. “Sit in the classroom, experience immersive performances, some teachers ask questions, and some classmates interact. I see several tourists around them crying.I think of my youthful years. “Zhang Qinghua sighed.

  In the opinion of Dai Bin, the dean of the China Tourism Research Institute, this way of expressing more beauty with the help of artistic expressions is exactly a form of expression of new productivity.

  Why does the tourism industry need new productivity? What are the new formats and new models of the tourism industry under the promotion of new productive productivity? How to cultivate new productive productivity in tourism? Around these issues, the reporter of “Minsheng Weekly” interviewed Dai Bin.

  Minsheng Weekly: A series of new tourism formats have emerged. What is the meaning behind it? Why does the tourism industry urgently need new productive forces to inject to promote the continuous prosperity and development of the industry?

  Dai Bin: New productivity represents the evolution of advanced productivity. It is an advanced productivity state that has been spawned by technological revolutionary breakthroughs, innovative configuration of production factors, and deep transformation and upgrading of industrial industry.The new productive productivity is based on the jumping of workers, labor data, labor objects, and its optimized combination. It has strong development kinetic energy and can lead the creation of a new era of social production.

  From the snowflakes in Harbin, to the flowers on the Yellow River Road in Shanghai, from the barbecue in Zibo, Shandong, to the spicy spicy in Tianshui, Gansu, these cities burst fire, depending on the natural resources and historical and human resources of landscapes.

  When the “Hulunbuir” tourist ran out, the “Water Five -Star Hotel” Yangtze River Cruise was launched, and the first domestic large cruise ship “Eda Magic Capital” was launched. These are the reflection of modern production methods in the tourism field.Essence

  Look at the emergence of new types of travel operators such as Ctrip, Tongcheng, Malaysia, and Qunar, as well as the theme parks such as Chimelong, Disney, and Universal Studios. Behind it is the technical dense and capital -intensive format.

  A series of cases that highlight the development direction of the tourism industry have subverted our past traditional awareness of the tourism industry.

  The emergence of new formats such as urban tourism, rural tourism, recreational tourism, and cruise tourism shows that the development of modern tourism industry also requires high -quality labor, and new productive forces such as science, technology, humanities, and creativity are required.

  Tourism resources are like oil, not inexplicable and inexhaustible.The era of “people in the mountains and the sea and the mountains and the mountains and the water collects tickets” has been gone. If we continue to hold the traditional concept of “tourism industry is a labor -intensive, experience -driven industry”, we will not be able to focus on culture leadership, A new era of scientific and technological empowerment and entrepreneurial innovation.

  People’s lifestyles have changed. If they still use traditional production methods to meet the needs of tourists, they will become engraved with the sword.The changes in the consumer demand of tourists are forcing tourists to see today’s tourism industry with a new idea and promote the high -quality development of tourism in the tourism industry with new quality.

  Minsheng Weekly: How to cultivate new productive forces of tourism?

  Dai Bin: First of all, we must not coax up. It is necessary to develop new quality productive forces in the field of tourism according to local conditions and cultivate new quality tourism productivity.

  Secondly, tourism practitioners should update their concepts and improve their quality. Among them, education, training, and discussions are essential.At present, there are 282.5 million directly practitioners in my country’s tourism industry, 700,000 tour guides, and 50,000 travelers. To allow tourists to open their eyes to see the outside world.

  If people’s ideas have not improved and evolved, no matter how advanced productivity is, it will not work.Just like the computer is advanced, if it is handed over to the primitive people, it is difficult to play the function.During the production process, people and production tools and production methods must have a certain match.Therefore, the cultivation of new quality of tourism is inseparable from the cultivation of tourism talents.

  In addition, we must fully realize that scientific technology, cultural creativity, and modern business models, organizational methods, and production methods can improve the efficiency of industry, agriculture, and business, and can also improve the efficiency of tourism.If these new productive productivity represented by science and technology, cultural creativity, and fashion media has changed all the modules in all production links, then the tourism industry cannot be in the event.

  For example, in the field of tourism, the promotion of tourism image is important.In the past, it was mainly created by ancient literati. “Lifetime is obsessed with a life, and no dream of Huizhou” makes people want to go to Huangshan to find out;Later, the form of art communication such as photography and movies appeared, and visual works attracted people to the attractions.However, whether it is traditional poetry, songs, or modern photography, it is inseparable from a lot of human and material resources.

  Now, artificial intelligence has appeared.

  As long as you say a paragraph, artificial intelligence can automatically generate a video of a mirror to the end.It can quickly pass the image of a place to the audience at a low cost.

  If there are different tourism destinations, each reason, then the famous international tourist destinations have one thing in common: it is a new space shared by the quality life.

  The Qingming holiday is coming soon. If there are only 3 days of holidays and a budget of 2,000 yuan, then I go to Suzhou, and I won’t go to Harbin.Under time and money budget constraints, people’s choices are limited.When some tourist destinations, through artificial intelligence, constantly pass the new space of a better life to people’s eyes and change people’s preferences, those tourist destinations that are still using traditional ways to promote marketing will slowly come out slowly.Essence

  Minsheng Weekly: In your opinion, what kind of changes have happened in people’s way of travel? What quality should a good travel destination be available?

  Dai Bin: Before I arrived at the tourist destination, it was not enough to see mountains, water, and scenery. Now it is not enough to “see”.For example, when you play in Beijing, you can go to Sanlitun to shop, or you can go to Liangma River’s style of waterfront. When these spaces become consumed and experienced scenarios, people’s requirements for rich content will become higher and higher.

  During the Spring Festival holiday, someone went to see Yangge and hit iron flowers. The taste of the year of fireworks is an important attraction of people’s visits.But we also see that in Guangzhou, 2024 drones made a dragon pattern, which is also amazing around the “small waist”.

  These 2024 drones are technology, culture, and scenes of tourists experience.It is not only “ancient roads and west winds and thin horses” are culture. Through high -speed rail, airplanes, and self -driving, they can also obtain the mood of the sunset.

  A good city must let people see cultural heritage and the future.Who can live in the past every day? Science and technology and culture constructing a future lifestyle, not far from the cultural connotation, no culture supported by science and technology, and cannot make people feel happiness and quality.

  Minsheng Weekly: Whenever there is an Internet celebrity city fire, some netizens will ask, “Can this splashing rich” be able to take over and last?What is the relationship between quality development?

  Dai Bin: Although we cannot accurately predict who is the next celebrity city, look back at Zibo, Harbin, Tianshui, etc., we will find that they have something in common: beautiful, sincere, warm, goodwill, and quality of life.When a city has these connotations, I don’t know which day, but it will definitely be hot.

  Tourism needs Internet celebrities, but Internet celebrities are not all tourism.There must be highways, trains, airports, docks, stations, and infrastructure, public services and business environment such as hotels, homestays, travel agencies, taxis, shared bicycles, etc. Otherwise, even if there is traffic, tourists will come and disappoint.It has become a “buyer show” and “seller show”, which is difficult to make the tourism industry in the city.

  We must conscientiously study the new needs of tourists, and consumption is a key to understanding the tourism economy.When the needs of tourists change, they will be forced to change the factors, production objects and workers.We only need to tell the needs of tourists to practitioners that they will capture the opportunities and be more adaptable to local conditions.However, to do the necessary leadership, such as not to touch the cultural bottom line, you cannot step on the ecological red line.

  To let people who master new productive forces do the cultivation and development of new quality and productive for tourism industry are tourists who define tourism. Whoever can provide tourists with high -quality services is our main force.

  The quality of development is high or not. First of all, listen to what tourists say.To achieve high -quality development, we must do everything possible to improve the satisfaction of tourists.

  To achieve high -quality development, it depends on the momentum of industrial development.We cannot always rely on the natural resources and human resources that our ancestors to eat, and to promote innovation.

  It also depends on the strong competitiveness of the market.If thousands of travel agencies, online travel service providers, hotels, homestays, and resorts are not profitable or competitive, this industry cannot continue to develop.