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Wing Ze Action 丨 Strictly put the food and guard the "safety on the tip of the tongue"

This operation is promoted by “the team’s linkage and cross -examination”.16The inspection team strictly controls the list of liability and task list to the entire district132The school cafeteria, off -campus food units, food operation units around the campus, and other key units such as food business units and other key units have been fully covered. From raw material procurement to storage management, from processing and production to food samples, and promoting the entire process without dead corners.

In the past few days, law enforcement officers have conducted detailed inspections on relevant units.For catering service units, focus on checking whether employees’ health management, food raw materials management, processing and production process, catering utensil disinfection, food samples, etc. are in compliance with relevant regulations; for food circulation units, check whether food purchase, storage, processing and other aspects are for food circulation units.Regulate whether there are acts of selling “three -no” food, expired food, and corruption -quality food.

At the same time, law enforcement officers inspect the construction of the management system of various units, the implementation of the “two responsibilities” of food safety, and the implementation of the “Internet+Ming Kitchen Liang Stove” operation.”Mechanism, take the initiative to conduct self -examination and self -correction to achieve early, prevent, and control early.

During the inspection process, law enforcement officers insisted on the combination of administrative law enforcement and publicity and education.Relevant regulations should be known to the science popularization catering services, requiring relevant units to strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety, establish and improve internal control control, improve management standards, and strengthen emergency conflicts.At the same time, the concept of wasting the waste of catering runs through it, guide the school to set up the “0.75 window” to develop a good habit of saving and opposing waste.

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