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Xianxian People’s Court: "Keep healthy weight and maintain your own health" initiative

In order to improve the self -health management ability of the police officers, enhance physical fitness, form a good atmosphere of maintaining healthy weight and maintaining their own health, and further stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the officers of the majority of police officers with a good physique, in the 36th patriotic hygieneOn the occasion of the month, the police of the hospital proposes:

1. Establish a health concept: Understanding the harm of overweight and obesity to the body, take “my health, my actions, and I am happy” as the guidelines for action, and strive to be the first responsible person of his own health by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

2. Master health skills: widely learn health reduction knowledge and skills, fully understand obesity and overweight hazards, do not abuse Internet celebrity weight loss products, master citizens’ health literacy, and oppose and resist unscientific and unhealthy weight loss information.

3. Cultivate health behavior: Maintain a good mental state, change bad living habits, smoke control and alcohol, and ensure sufficient sleep.Maintain “two balances”, control heat intake, exercise appropriately, scientifically and reasonably reduce weight and fat, and reshape healthy self.

4. Build a healthy environment: Give full play to the role of health supervision and incentives between family members, and incorporate health weight into the daily behavior of the family.Create a positive and optimistic and healthy family living environment, and promotes the concept of healthy families.

Spring flowers bloom, and the fat burning is just at the time, adding weight to the body and adding goodness to happiness.Let’s act, start from me, start now, lead the new fashion of healthy life, achieve healthy development with a healthy physique, full enthusiasm, and optimistic attitude, embrace a happy life, and experience the hot and hot life together.Intersection

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