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Green Financial Weekly (Issue 132) 丨 ESG is included in the regulatory rating of personal insurance companies; Beijing will explore the establishment of the ESG investment and financing system

Southern Finance All Media Reporter Guo Xiajie Li Dechang Yu intern Ning Yihui Guangzhou Report

With the rapid development of the green financial market, related information and data have become richer and richer.From the perspective of macro perspective and institutional green financial practice, the Green Financial Weekly pays attention to the latest cutting -edge dynamics in the field of green finance, tracks the latest trend of the green financial market, and provides decision -making basis and reference for green finance related participants.


1. Focus on attention

1. ESG is included in the supervision and rating of personal insurance companies

On March 18, the State Administration of Finance and Administration issued the “Measures for Regulatory Rating of Personal Insurance Companies” to divide personal insurance companies into five categories.For different levels of institutions, its business scope, business area and capital use will face different regulatory policies and measures.The release of the “Rating Measures” is the continuation of the principle of classification supervision proposed in the “Interim Measures for the Non -on -site Supervision of the Insurance Company”, and it is also the implementation of the “bottom line that keeps the system that does not occur without systemic financial risks” in the Central Financial Work Conference.

It is worth noting that the “Measures” also set up “Performing Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Responsibilities” as special additional points to give appropriate points for personal insurance companies with more green insurance and inclusive insurance.

21 Carbon neutralized research team quick evaluation:The “Measures” incorporate ESG into the supervision of personal insurance companies, which reflects the emphasis on financial regulatory authorities’ attention to the performance of financial institutions, and will play a good guidance and encouragement role in improving the performance of financial institutions.

2. Beijing: Explore the establishment of an ESG investment and financing system

On March 18, Beijing held a special press conference on the construction of the National Green Development Demonstration Zone in Beijing.At the press conference, the relevant person in charge of Beijing stated that vigorously developing the green industry and expanding and cultivating the new development of green development is an important way to accelerate the development of green development.At present, Beijing is studying a series of policies and measures such as promoting the development of the city’s green economy and promoting the high -quality development of environmental and social governance (ESG) system.In the next step, it will focus on the development of green finance and professional services such as green finance and professional services, and promote the pilot of ESG innovation and development of the city sub -center to explore the establishment of an ESG investment and financing system.Continue to promote the integration and development of the green industry in Tongzhou District and Beisan County.

21 Carbon neutralized research team quick evaluation:The Green Development Demonstration Zone of the Beijing Urban Middle Center is an important reference model for green transformation in other cities in China. Vigorously developing green financial development and ESG investment and financing system will inject green power into the construction of the green demonstration area and promote the scientific governance of the demonstration area.

3. Last week, carbon prices were maximum 85.33 yuan/ton

On March 22, the National Carbon Market of the Shanghai Environmental Stock Exchange released last week (20240318-20240322) was a weekly comprehensive price price and transaction information.

Last week, the comprehensive price of carbon markets in the country was: the highest price of 85.33 yuan/ton, the lowest price of 79.50 yuan/ton, and the closing price fell 4.79%from last Friday.Last week, the trading volume of the listing agreement was 192,852 tons, and the turnover was 16,196,040.50 yuan; there was no major agreement transaction this week.

Last week, the total trading volume of the national carbon emission quota was 192,852 tons, and the total turnover was 16,196,040.50 yuan.

As of last week, the cumulative trading volume of the carbon market in the country was 449,474,474 tons, and the cumulative turnover was 25,524,606,005.18 yuan.  

2. Green Gold Practice 

1. Minsheng Bank releases the CCER carbon market financial service plan

On March 18th, China Minsheng Bank and Beijing Green Financial Association held a green and carbon cable Future in Beijing -China Minsheng Bank CCER (National Certificate Volunteer Disted Disted) Carbon Market Financial Services Promotion Conference officially launched the “Tongxin Carbon Road”——CCER carbon market financial service solution.

Minsheng Bank stated that it will work with professional institutions such as the Green Stock Exchange to make a good reserve of high -quality projects, build a carbon asset management system for enterprises, and carry out CCER professional training.In other areas, a batch of CCER pledge project financing and CCER linked project financing were launched, and a copy of typical cases were carried out.”Tongxin Carbon Road” -CCER carbon market financial service solution will rely on CCER carbon market transaction big data to launch carbon data ecological loans to help the majority of small and medium and micro customers participate in market transactions, add precision customer portrait, carbon data to increase credit, rely on technology fundsYes, realize online operation and automated approval.

21 Carbon neutralized research team quick evaluation:The CCER carbon market financial service solution launched by Minsheng Bank relying on the carbon market transaction big data, it will provide a scientific basis for the development of carbon financial products in financial institutions. It is also a useful attempt for financial institutions to make carbon financial innovation after CCER restart.

2. New Creation Group issued the first single green panda bond

On March 21, 2024, the first green mid -term number of green mid -term (bonds) issued by the newly created group, which is the green panda bond, is also the warehousing logistics green panda bond issued by the first single -Hong Kong -funded enterprise.Together with the Group’s two -phase Panda bonds with a total principal amount of RMB 3.5 billion in 2023, a total of 3.6 billion yuan was issued.

Zheng Zhiming, the chief executive officer of the new creation group, said that the issuance of the issuance of the issuance of this period will be used for the construction of the green storage project, repay the principal and interest of interest liabilities and supplementary operating funds.

21 Carbon neutralized research team quick evaluation:The first green panda bonds issued by the New Creation Group in 2024 are a breakthrough in Hong Kong -funded enterprises’ public market financing in the Mainland, and will promote the useful connection between the Mainland and Hong Kong green financial markets.

3. The first “dangerous waste disposal volume” linked loan to the Industrial Bank is on the ground

A few days ago, Industrial Bank’s first landing in Sichuan’s “Dangerous waste disposal volume” linked to green financial project loans, it was specially used in the construction of the Yibin City Dangerous Treatment Project (Phase II) project, and promoted the construction of “non -waste cities”.Industrial Bank Innovation Design Project Likes and Waste Treatment Mechanism and Loan Interest rate linkage mechanism. After the project hazardous waste treatment reaches the scale of the loan contract, the bank will give the enterprise a certain interest rate discount, inspire enterprises to full production and increase the processing volume as soon as possible, help Yibin City City CityConstruction of “non -waste city”.

The total disposal scale of the dangerous waste disposal project (Phase II) of Yibin City is 50,000 tons/year, and the total investment of the project is 1.098 billion yuan.Auxiliary and office areas, etc., accelerate the realization of the goal of “non -waste cities”.

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