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Bayern München poskuša prepričati Alphonsa Daviesa, naj odkloni Real Madrid in ostane s Harryjem Kanom in novim menedžerjem Vincentom Kompanyjem v Nemčiji

Razplet o podaljšanju pogodbe med Daviesom in Bayernom traja že nekaj časa, potem ko se je za kanadskega reprezentanta v začetku leta zanimal Real Madrid. Sedanja pogodba se branilcu izteče junija 2025, Real Madrid Otroška Nogometni dresi klub pa je…

The "Future+" Institute of Petroleum Establishment is established

College Road Street/PictureA few days ago, the Beijing Petroleum Institute (hereinafter referred to as “Petroleum Essentials”) estab

Together with the scientist Zheng Yongchun, learn to think like scientists

Chao News Client Correspondent Zhuang TianOn the afternoon of April 23, the “Academician Style · Science Popularization


President of the World Academy of Sciences Qurasha Abdulharim: Continue to deepen cooperation with China to promote human progress in a safe and stable environment

China News Service, April 25 (Reporter Du Yan) The opening ceremony of the 2024 Zhongguancun Forum Annual Meeting and plenary meeting he


Chongyi County, Jiangxi Province: The "Fun+Farming Agreement" Games will ignite the enthusiasm of employees

China Industry Network News Recently, the Ganzhou Second Employee Sports Festival series activities jointly organized b


People who do not exercise often, what should they pay attention to when they first exercise?

The Beijing Winter Olympics was about to open in 2022, and everyone’s sports passion was also ignited.Those who do not often exercise can remember


Spring blooming vitality exercise ignition passion

In order to implement the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise, in the past few days, kindergarten

The price reduction of the sports version of the sports version of the Nanning area is coming, with the highest discount of 158,600!Hurry up

In the Nanning Promotion Channel of Car House, we are glad to announce that the models are conducting preferential acti


Hurry up!Real shot Chang’an Ford Wing Tiger 2.0T Sports

[[[[[Auto comment · shopping guide · original.Changan Ford’s biggest events this year are related to the two SUV models of Winghu and Wingbo. At the e

The 11th Yangtze River Delta Sports Leisure Experience Season and the second sports leisure experience season event in Jiangsu Province entered the East China Sea

From April 25th to 26th, the theme of the Eleventh Grandma Sports and Leisure Experience Season (Jiangsu Donghai Stati

MLS Football Jersey