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Hangzhou Sports Caixu Dance Movement Development

“The dance dance has a huge population foundation.” The relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Sports Bureau of Zhejiang Province said, “Whether it is in the streets, or in the square in the community or the village, we can see that there are dance teams in fitness. We use this.At one point, through the development of dance competitions, it attracts more people to participate in the exercise from the perspective of national fitness. “

Recently, the launching ceremony of the third community dance PK contest in Hangzhou’s 3rd community dance PK contest in the 4th Hangzhou Citizen Day series was held at Yuhang Wanda Plaza.This event is also since 2022 China Sports Lottery helped Hangzhou’s first community dance competition, and the Sports Lottery joined hands with the Hangzhou community dance PK contest to help the national fitness.

In recent years, with the extensive development of dance training and promotion, and continuously strengthening professional talent training, Hangzhou dance dance business has entered a new development pattern, participating in the city’s small and medium -sized universities, enterprises, and communities in the city.The influence of the whole people’s participation and the popularity of the whole people has increased the influence day, allowing the general public to enhance happiness through competitions and dancing campaigns.

As a competition in the community and streets, the Hangzhou Community Dance PK Contest of China Sports Lottery will continuously stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in sports, create a strong fitness atmosphere, and show the good spiritual style of the people in the new era, self -reliance, self -reliance, and to create “The National Movement Model City “provides a more dynamic carrier carrier to promote the construction of a healthy Hangzhou.

At this ceremony, the organizing committee of the Chinese Sports Lottery Hangzhou Community Dance PK Contest was released for the first time.Adhering to the starting point of promoting the vigorous development of the whole people’s fitness industry, the logo design is composed of 5 different colors. It symbolizes that individuals are condensed into teams, linking the community to radiate the city in the city, and help Hangzhou’s national fitness development.

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