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National Fitness Day | How should I choose the exercise method?Be sure to understand before exercise!

The benefits of sports on health have long been well known.Exercise can activate the immune system, help circulation, increase the elasticity of the body, and help relax.The physical stimulation of different parts of the body has made the body redesign a fixed model of nutrient distribution, thereby re -establishing a new balance.


Today is the National Fitness Day. You must understand these points about exercise.


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Different exercise goals

How to choose the exercise method correctly?


According to different characteristics, exercise can be summarized into 5 major categories: aerobic exercise, strength exercise, ball movement, traditional Chinese sports methods, and pull exercises.


Aerobic exercise

Medium intensity mainly includes fitness, jogging (6-8 km/h), cycling (12-16 kilometers/h), mountain climbing, swimming, etc.; Large-intensity exercise mainly includes running (8 km/h), Riding a bicycle (over 16 kilometers/h).


Non -device exercises include push -ups, vertical jumps in place, sit -ups, etc.; Instrument exercises refer to strength exercises performed on various equipment (such as dumbbells).

Ball movement

Basketball, football, rugby, hockey, ice hockey, ice, volleyball, badminton, tennis, goalkeeper, etc.

Chinese traditional exercise method

Taiji Boxing (Sword), Mulan Boxing (Sword), Martial Arts Routine, Wu Qin Opera, Eight Duanjin, Yijin Jing, Six Character Tips, etc.

Pull practice

Static pulling includes positive pressure legs, side legs, shoulders, etc.; Dynamic pulling includes positive kicks, side kicks, and waist.

Exercise purpose and recommendation exercise:

  • Improve cardiopulmonary function:Aerobic exercise; basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, etc.

  • Reduce control weight:Go for a long time, jogging, cycling, etc.; Basketball, football, badminton, etc.

  • Increase muscle strength:Push -ups, vertical jumps in place, sit -ups, etc.; Or exercise performed on various forces, such as dumbbells, pot bells, etc.

  • Adjust psychological state:Table tennis, badminton, tennis; Tai Chi, etc.

  • Improve flexibility:Pressing legs, shoulders, kicking legs, shaking waist, etc.;

  • Improving balance ability:Taijiquan (sword), table tennis, badminton, tennis, etc.

  • Improve the reaction ability:Table tennis, badminton, basketball, football, tennis, etc.

  • Enhance your physique and strengthen your body:Choose the way of sports and fitness activities that you like and can be checked for a long time, such as swimming, running, riding a bicycle; table tennis, badminton; Tai Chi, eight -stage brocade.




Before exercise

Be sure to pay attention to these two points


Be able to do

The greater the exercise is better, the better it is, and exercise needs to grasp the appropriate and timely principles.Many people think that as long as they exercise, they will be good for the body.In fact, once the exercise intensity exceeds the load of the muscle, it is easy to cause overdrawn and muscle strain.

Therefore, people of all ages and people of all kinds of health should formulate appropriate exercise solutions according to their adaptive exercise strength and exercise time, such as types of exercise, exercise time, duration of exercise, and exercise frequency.

Full warm -up before exercise to avoid exercise damage

Regardless of whether you are engaged in any sports, remember to make a good warm -up before exercise and stretching after exercise.Heating up can enhance the flexibility of the ligament, and the warm -up exercise can fully reduce the damage caused by the exercise, and prevent the ligament to tear due to excessive movement.The stretching after exercise can accelerate the metabolism of lactic acid, prevent lactic acid from accumulating in the body, and avoid pain in the next day.

The exercise process should be step by step, arranging the training plan reasonably, and must not be overwhelmed, blindly “follow the trend”.Only by formulating a sports plan based on your own situation, and a targeted, scientific and reasonable exercise can we truly benefit health!


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